6 Friends Every Mom Needs

If you don’t have each of these types in your “Momtourage,” author and humorist Lian Dolan says you should find them fast!

Lian Dolan

The In Case of Emergency Friend  
Solid, reliable, carries her cell phone at all times. The ICE friend can really save your life. Whether you’re dealing with a medical meltdown or a babysitter bailout, she is there for you.  Put her down as an emergency contact; you’ll have nothing to worry about.
The LOL Friend
Every mother needs one pal who is just a hoot, who’ll regale you with the hilarious story of a bad boss or a school-project disaster. Sometimes, parenting is not that funny, but an LOL Friend makes you see that it could be, if you lightened up a little bit. 
The Ear-to-the-Ground Friend
No, I’m not talking about gossip here, because that’s impolite. But there is always one person, usually the mom of an active girl, who knows everything going on at school. From homework to weekend parties, the Ear to the Ground Friend is a go-to resource for those of us who live at the edges of information—and by that I mean mothers of boys. 
The Life Coach Friend
Technically, she’s not trained in anything psychological or medical, but Life Coach Friend absorbs self-help material and preaches it back at you with astonishing success. One 45-minute walk with her, and you’re updating your resume, signing up for golf lessons and ridding your wardrobe of plaid.
The Frenemy
Professional athletes often need a rival to keep them motivated. So do mothers. Chances are, your Frenemy is always one step ahead of you: Her house is cleaner, her kids are smarter and her skin has more collagen. But that’s okay, because a Frenemy forces us to focus on what’s really important in life. Maybe you’ve lost the skin-elasticity battle, but you're winning the hair-highlighting game. 

The No Kids, No Thanks Friend
Every mom needs time away from her life as a mother. Enter the No Kids, No Thanks Friend. She goes to movies! She knows the trendiest restaurants! She doesn’t wear elastic-waist pants! An afternoon with No Kids Friend revives your spirits and reminds you there’s life outside the laundry room.
Lian Dolan is the author of the novel Helen of Pasadena and the producer of The Chaos Chronicles, a humor blog and podcast about modern motherhood.


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