Five Beauty Tips for Travelers

Whether you’re traveling for work or play, you don’t have space for your entire wardrobe or time for your full beauty routine. Here’s how to simplify and still stay gorgeous. So pack light and relax!

Minimize make-up.
Streamline your makeup kit by packing only the essentials — an eye shadow palette with light and dark shades, a mascara, an eyeliner, a blush or bronzer and a lip gloss with a hint of color.

Don’t skimp on skin care.
One product that warrants the space it takes up in your suitcase: sunscreen. It’s essential to help protect your skin from wrinkles, sun damage, and skin cancer. To save space, use a moisturizer that also has an SPF factor of at least 15, such as Simple® Protecting Light Moisturizer. Remember, the airlines limit containers size to three ounces in carry-on baggage. If you’re flying, transfer your products into travel-size plastic bottles.

Helpful tools.
Instead of bringing all your makeup brushes and gadgets, pack Q-tips® cotton swabs. You can use them to apply eye shadow, blend eyeliner and touch up your lip color. For nail emergencies, also pack an emery board — lightweight and practical —and also bring a small, unbreakable travel mirror.

Easy up-dos.
Choose one hairstyle to wear while you’re away, so you can leave bulky gels and hair sprays in your cabinet. For no-fuss hair, for example, wear a ponytail with a broad headband or colorful scarf. Neatly part your hair to one side and work in some pomade or an all-purpose styling aid, TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Gel, before sweeping it back to keep it smooth and avoid loose strands.

Multi-Faceted Fashion.
Focus on articles that can pull double duty when you can’t bring your whole wardrobe with you. Metallic flats, for example, transition well from day to eveningwear. A sarong can take you from poolside to luncheon with just the addition of jewelry and sandals. To be able to mix and match and get the most from limited choices, pack within one palette — a neutral base color like black or gray —and add a few colorful accessories.


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