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Discover the everyday habits that can damage your hair.

Do you consider your locks to be the picture of health, or damaged, dull and lifeless? According to a recent Dove Hair Care study, nearly nine in 10 women believe their hair has little or no damage. The reality is that all women have hair damage, but most do not realize it. In fact, most women may not recognize that they are spending up to 30 minutes a day on damage–causing activities like brushing, heat–styling and even towel drying.

Damaging Activity No. 1: Brushing Hair

The Dove Hair Care study revealed that 82% of U.S. women are brushing their hair daily and most are unaware of the amount of damage it is causing (up to 30% more damage). Damage is more likely to occur when hair is wet and in its most fragile state. Brushing wet hair increases the likelihood of split ends and breakage. It is also important to avoid brushing dry hair too frequently or with intensity as this can also lead to breakage.

Damage Control: Eliminating brushing from your daily routine is not realistic. However, choosing the right type of brush can help prevent extensive damage and ultimately provide hair benefits. Reach for a natural–boar–bristle brush for a smoother stroke. Boar bristles help to distribute the natural oils in hair, which make it appear shiny. Also, to minimize the damage caused by brushing wet hair, start with a wide–toothed comb to detangle, and then use a brush to style.

Damaging Activity No. 2: Blow–Drying Hair

Nearly half the women in the U.S. blow–dry their hair at least once a week, according to the Dove Hair Care Study. Blow–drying has styling benefits — it is faster than air–drying and helps to boost volume. The downside is it can also cause up to 33% more damage to hair. The heat from blow–drying can strip hair of natural oils, proteins and moisture, resulting in dryness.

Damage Control: Try blow–drying hair until it is slightly damp, then let it air dry to prevent moisture loss. For those who frequently heat–style, protecting and repairing hair starts in the shower. Try Dove Heat Defense Therapy System. The trio of shampoo, conditioner and mist all contain an advanced protecting serum to help protect the interior and exterior of hair strands from heat. When used as a system, it helps protect hair against damage without weighing it down.

Damaging Activity No. 3: Using Ponytail Holders

Ponytail holders are easy accessories to keep hair out of your face or to create a polished pulled–back style. However, using a ponytail holder can cause breakage where it holds hair in place.

Damage Control: Try an elastic ponytail holder. This will help eliminate pulling and tugging at hair. Also, avoid rubber ponytail holders, which are harder on hair and can tangle easily.

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