How to Share Holiday Time With Loved Ones

This year, give the gift of you

The holidays are all about togetherness — at least in theory. It’s easy to become so frazzled by shopping and preparation that a hermit’s life starts to look good. This year, don’t deprive yourself of the warmth of family and friends. Some idea starters: 
Spare a Few Hours 
Set aside an evening for a gals-vs.-guys family bowling tournament. The unorthodox teams — Grandpa with your five-year-old nephew; you and your teen — can temporarily change the family dynamic and eliminate many tensions. 
Shop With Pals 
Instead of dashing madly from store to store by yourself, invite your siblings or closest friends to accompany you. Set a limit on how long you’ll spend bargain hunting, then take a break to grab lunch or coffee and just chat. 
Sugarcoat It 
What’s more fun than baking holiday cookies? Inviting your favorite neighbors over to join in! Because you’ll need large quantities of ingredients, you can take advantage of buying in bulk, and the decorating goes much faster when everyone pitches in. Cinnamon Stars and Cocoa-Lace Cookies are sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit. Provide paper or plastic plates, plastic wrap and bows so folks can wrap their masterpieces to take with them. 
Wrap and Rap 
Gift-wrapping becomes less of a chore when you turn it into a social event. Buy lots of festive paper and bows, and invite your siblings or good friends to come over with their families. Set up a couple wrapping rooms, so gifts can stay secret. Afterward, break out the cookies and Hot ‘n Spicy Chocolate Tea made with Lipton® Tea
Go Where the Wild Things Are 
Check out your local zoo’s event schedule. They may have a special holiday activity for the whole family. Or take a nature walk and see if you can spot any animals, like deer or birds wintering in your area. 
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