Come In from The Cold

Kids and adults alike will want to come indoors for these warming winter snack recipes.

Winter means outdoor fun can get cold quickly. Whether your family likes sweet treats or savory bites, these snack recipes will make your home a warm-up spot.

This protein-filled snack will fill your home with lovely aromas as you make it:

Sugar ‘N Spice Nuts 

For a quick, savory option that older kids can make for themselves, keep some instant soups on hand, such as Lipton® Cup-a-Soup®, that take only minutes to make. If you have a bit more time, these recipes will defrost any family member:

Chili Lime Chicken & Rice

Golden Chicken Nuggets

Hot drinks are another great way to banish a chill during the winter. Herbal tea, like Lipton® Bedtime Bliss Herbal Supplement, is always a waist-friendly option for the whole family at zero calories per serving. Grown-ups can warm up with a Hot Fruity Toddy, which gets a dash of orange liqueur.

Stay warm!
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