My Kind of Mother's Day

Angela Caban

The month of May brings so much to be thankful for. Spring flowers are blooming, there is a fresh smell that surrounds us all as the winter is left behind, a celebration of life as I turn another year wiser and of course Mother’s Day.

And although I consider being a mom a great accomplishment (after all I gave birth to another human being) I spend all year being a proud mommy. Yes, the special treats given to me by my own kids fills my heart with cheer, but I look at it another way. If you’re like me, at first you feel guilty even saying it, but I like to enjoy Mother’s Day my way. And no, it isn’t about shooing the kids away and making an excuse to have a day just for me. This is more about reflecting on me as a person, the mother I am and want to be.

I have been a mother for ten years, and Mother’s Day started off simple - breakfast in bed, shopping, brunch with the whole gang – sometimes even my entire family! But then my husband deployed, and I realized that this day was just like any other day. I figured the next Mother’s Day would be different with him home… but who knew the Army had a sense of humor and would have him away for training the following year too? Ha!

So needless to say, I took matters into my own hands. Because I still have my mother, I of course spend part of the day with her. But because there is no one around to plan my day, I get a sitter for the kids and take a few hours to recharge.

Just decide if you want to spend the morning, afternoon or evening with your kids and family – then schedule the rest of what you want to do around it. Think of it as a “mommy refresher”. Spend the day just the way you wish to. There should be no guilt. You won’t get the worst mom of the year award, I promise.

Here are some fun ways to enjoy Mother’s Day, Your Way:
  1. Celebrate With Other Moms: I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day of mothers than with other mothers. Include your mom, friends, sister, or other special moms in your life. Go out for a bite to eat, enjoy a nice mimosa brunch and just celebrate being amazing!
  2. Get a Housecleaner For the Day: This one is my favorite when I have no childcare options. Make the call. Have them do your laundry, clean the bathrooms, whatever you’re behind on or needs cleaning! Yes, it's a splurge, but once a year is well deserved.
  3. Grab a Bite or Go to a Coffee Shop Alone: Most days in this house I either forget to eat or pour myself a hot cup of coffee to only get pulled away by something or someone, returning and it is cold. I end up reheating, but sometimes find it sitting in the microwave around lunch time. Rinse and repeat. So why not take the time to really enjoy that hot cup of Joe? I sometimes can’t remember the last time I saw the steam come out of my cup, today you can. Sit back relax and take an hour, or two!
  4. Curl Up With a Movie: Make it a movie night! Make some popcorn, pour yourself a glass of wine and get comfortable! You can either wait until the kids are in bed, or make it a sweet ending to your day by inviting the gang. Mom gets to pick the movie!
  5. Put Daddy in Charge: If your husband is around, make him in charge while you unwind and do what you want. Have the kids go outside to play while Daddy watches or send them with him to run errands. This means you have the house to yourself.
  6. Take a Nap: Why are you laughing? Oh, is it because you can’t remember the last time you napped? But all jokes aside, sleep is like a staycation. And everyone was right when they said sleep before the baby comes. Kind of makes you wish you did, huh? Indulge and lie down in a quiet room for an hour or so. You will see what a difference it will make - better than going to a spa.
However you decide to spend this day, remember this. You are doing important work, Mama. Hard, tiring work. Take this time to refresh. You earned it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Angela Caban is a writer, published author, Army National Guard wife and proud mommy of two. She is the founder of the Homefront United Network, a military spouse support blog for spouses and families who are not close to a military installation. She has a Bachelor's in Business Administration and a Master's in Human Resources. When she’s not writing about military life or her work-from-home adventures, she enjoys cooking for her family and finding new ways to encourage other military families. Angela has been working from home since 2009 and you can find her work in Military One Click, Military Spouse Magazine, USAA and various online and print publications.


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