The 4 Best Ways to Prepare for the New School Year


The beginning of the new school year will be here before we know it! Although I’m seriously looking forward to sending my little chickadees to school after what seems like the longest summer break ever, there are plenty of topics for me to stress over as a mom before school even starts. Clothing, packing lunches, and lets not forget what seems to be an endless school supply list.
Quite possibly the best tip, is to start early. This applies to just about everything, from routines, to shopping. The earlier you start, the less time you’ll have to spend scrambling once it’s time for school.
The end of summer on the horizon usually means a necessary adjustment to bedtimes. I’m guilty of letting my girls stay up just a little bit later during the summer since there are rarely any needs for early morning wake ups. Getting back into a good bedtime routine is imperative for well-rested and attentive kids. Slowly start working back to a reasonable bedtime a few weeks before the start of school for best results!
When it comes to supplies and clothes, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been stocking up all summer. Sure there are a bunch of great deals and sales closer to the start of the school year, but with three kids, who has that much money to drop all at once. Especially if your pockets are still empty from traveling over the break! Over the summer, I like to pick up the essentials when I see them at a decent price. This way, I can space my spending out a little bit.
A necessary evil, at least in my book, is summer learning. Most kids don’t want to spend their time off from school feeling like they’re back in school. To attempt to combat this feeling, sprinkling a little learning here and there has been the best bet. Twenty minutes or so of homework time every once in a while keeps the little noggins sharp and bright. You can even use everyday experiences as learning opportunities as well. We’re still in the early stages of elementary school, so occasionally in the car, I’ll just ask the older two to spell out their full names (our last name is a killer!) or shout out the colors of the vehicles that they see around us.
Along with preparing your offspring for back to school, it’s important to prepare yourself as well. A nice planner or calendar has helped me keep myself organized so that I’m not overwhelmed with meeting and paperwork by week two of school. To ease the stress of preparing fun and wholesome lunches, I spend a little time on Pinterest here and there looking for lunch ideas.
Does your little one start school next week, and you haven’t even begun to prepare? Fear not! All hope is not lost! You just need to get started soon!  Start easing back to a reasonable time to avoid having an exhausted kid on the first day of school. As far as school supplies, check around the house to see what you already have! Many kids bring a plethora of supplies home at the end of each year. Although our supply list is monstrous for the new school year, it states that the supplies are not required to be new! Shopping for clothes at a local thrift shop (we have a great one on base) is a fantastic way to send you child back to school in new-to-them outfits at a fraction of the cost!
Regardless of how you plan on preparing for the new school year, try not to stress! Didn’t get the chance to start early this year? It happens- especially with the crazy military lifestyle that we lead! You can start jotting down ideas now for next year! The earlier the better, right?!
What are some ways that help prepare you and your family for the new school year?

Alex is an Army wife and stay at home mama of three girls. Originally from Miami, FL, her family now calls Hawaii home (at least for the next few years). Aside from blogging at Munchkins and the Military, Alex enjoys cooking, photography, and spending time with her little ones at the beach.


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