30 Cool Careers You Can Jumpstart Using MyCAA

By Adrianna Domingos-Lupher

According to the MyCAA website, “MyCAA is a program that provides up to $4000 of financial assistance to eligible military spouses who are looking to pursue further education in a ‘portable’ career field.”
We know that there are tons and tons of schools and recruitment firms targeting military spouses to enter careers in medical coding or early childhood education, but let’s get real…it’s not for everyone.
Here’s a list of 30 certificates and programs you can apply to and fund via MyCAA that aren’t the usual suspects:
⁃    Fitness instructor
 ⁃    Spinning Instructor
 ⁃    Personal Trainer
 ⁃    Pilates Instructor
 ⁃    Yoga Instructor
 ⁃    Pet Groomer
 ⁃    Web/Digital/Graphic Design
 ⁃    Interior Design
 ⁃    Photography
 ⁃    Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
 ⁃    Wedding Planning/Events Planning
 ⁃    Nail Technician
 ⁃    Cosmetology
 ⁃    Massage Therapy
 ⁃    Veterinary Technician
 ⁃    Culinary Arts
 ⁃    Makeup Artist
 ⁃    Baking and Pastry Arts
 ⁃    Bartender and Wine Steward Certifications
 ⁃    Start-up Business and Owner Management
 ⁃    Chartered Tax Professional
 ⁃    Non-Profit Management
 ⁃    Grant Writing
 ⁃    Drug and Alcohol Counseling Specialist
 ⁃    Chemical Dependency Counseling
 ⁃    Canine Behavior Analysis, Care, and Counseling
 ⁃    Travel Agent
 ⁃    Wine Maker
 ⁃    Songwriter
 ⁃    Executive Coaching
 ⁃    Lawyer
 ⁃    Car Mechanic
There are limitations on eligibility for the MyCAA program and exactly what they will and won’t pay for so please check out the Spouse FAQ sheet located at MilitaryOneSource.


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