$100 Chin-Ups Give Wounded Warriors a Lift

What do baseball, chin-ups and deodorant have in common?  Other than sweating when you run bases or performing multiple chin-ups (hence, the need for deodorant) Axe® and the San Diego Padres have teamed up to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Support Network through a Chin-Up Challenge.
For the past two years, Axe® has sponsored the challenge at Padre home games. Fans complete as many chin-ups as possible in 20 seconds and Axe® donates $100 to the Padres Foundation for every one, which in turn goes to the Wounded Warriors.
A “Chin-Up Cam” captures it all on the Padres’ video board, and, in addition to sweating for a great cause, challengers take home Axe® personal care items (deodorant included). During this year’s challenge, Axe® and the San Diego Padres will donate up to $25,000 to help our brave heroes.
Home Base
Hundreds of thousands of service personnel and government officials reside in or travel through San Diego each year. No wonder this southern California city is known as the “City of the Military” and the Padres have been designated the military’s home team. 
The team is honored to represent the troops, and have saluted them on and off the field by deploying special programs to spotlight and reward active duty members and veterans alike. With authentic desert camouflage jerseys as part of their standard uniform, the Padres just might be the ultimate military fans.  
Pitch In 
Learn more about the Wounded Warrior Support Network and see how you can contribute to this worthy cause. (Chin-ups not mandatory.)


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