The Highest Honor

While most parents are proud to have an honor student in the family, Unilever employee, Barb Milne-Carter, can boast something few others can. On August 26th, President Obama awarded the highest military honor to her stepson, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, Ty M. Carter.
Sergeant Carter is one of only five living recipients to be distinguished with the Medal of Honor for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan, and the second to receive it for the same battle, along with former Sgt. Clinton Romesha.
Conspicuous Courage
The Medal of Honor, for “conspicuous gallantry,” rewards Carter for his courageous actions during a daylong firefight in a remote mountain outpost of the Kamdesh District, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan, on October 3, 2009. 
Carter, a former Marine, enlisted in the Army in January 2008 as a cavalry scout. He served with Bravo Troop, 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team and Infantry. After training at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, he was deployed to Afghanistan for a year in May, 2009, just five months before that fateful mission where insurgents severely outnumbered U.S. troops, killing eight and wounding 24. 
Carter intrepidly resupplied ammunition to his troops and rendered first aid. He also risked his own life to rescue a wounded soldier. Carter credits all of Bravo Troop for defeating the enemy that day.
“It wasn’t just me,” Carter told the Military Times. “Everyone pulled through. They all performed excellently, bravely.”
Ty’s dad, Mark Carter, knew his son was fearless at an early age when Ty displayed bravado on family camping trips—from draping a giant snake over his arms, to collecting a cup full of scorpions. So he wasn’t surprised when Ty responded to his heartfelt advice, “Don’t be a hero,” by saying, “Come on Dad; you know me better than that.”  
“Just come back, safe,” Mark told his son. Through valor and good fortune, Ty did return safely. Eight other Bravo Troop soldiers weren’t as lucky that day. 
“I really wish there was some way that I could share the prestige and the honor of this medal with them, and not to mention the families of the fallen,” Carter said. “In the end, they probably deserve this medal more than I do because of the losses that they received.”
Highly Dedicated and Decorated
Although it’s the apex of awards, the Medal of Honor is one of many decorations Carter has received. Add a Purple Heart, Army Commendation & Achievement Medals, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, along with many other Good Conduct Medals and Army Service Ribbons, and it’s a wonder Ty doesn’t need two uniforms to display them all.
Currently, Carter proudly wears his latest, greatest medal in Washington where he is stationed with the 7th Infantry at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. For a boy who grew up in Spokane, he has indeed come home safely—to well-deserved hero status. 


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