Shining the Light

Many people join the military to help safeguard the world and make it a better place for future generations. Unilever couldn’t agree more. 
Project Sunlight, the company’s first global brand campaign to focus on sustainable living, is their way of building a brighter future for our children and it’s already begun. 
Philosophically, it started back in 1885 when William Lever and his brother were on a mission to make cleanliness commonplace by creating a bar of soap called Sunlight. 
Since then, Unilever has made a global commitment to use less of the earth’s precious resources. Because Unilever products touch millions of lives around the world, the company wants to focus on our planet’s natural limitations and encourage us all to start living more sustainably.
Leading by Example
So far, Unilever has cut carbon-dioxide emissions at manufacturing plants by 40%. They’ve helped consumers lessen their carbon footprints by promoting concentrated detergents and dry shampoos. 
Whether it’s real ingredients for mayonnaise, or tomatoes for sauces, Unilever is on a progressive farming mission, where over a third of their agricultural raw materials are sustainably sourced. 
Because Project Sunlight is all about preserving the earth for generations to come, Unilever heralded the program by feeding 2 million school children through the World Food Programme. 
The company engages other valuable partnerships as well: Working with Save the Children to provide safe, potable drinking water, and with UNICEF to help improve world hygiene. 
If fixing the planet seems like too tall an order, Unilever shows us the possibilities and gives us hope in their video, “Why Bring a Child into This World?”  You can watch the short film and learn more about Project Sunlight at
In the end, Unilever’s goal is for every home to have enough water for drinking, washing, cooking and cleaning. They know this can only be achieved if everyone commits to taking small steps every day. One way is to tell friends and family about Project Sunlight. After all, we share the planet; we can share a brighter future, too. 


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