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Axe 10 natural grooming tips for men article

10 Natural Grooming Tips for Men

Looking for some grooming tips?

Ok, we’re gonna level with you. There’s a lot of advice out there. It can be overwhelming. 

If you’re looking for a men’s grooming guide that’ll get you feeling and looking great, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready for a glow-up and, bonus: no fancy products needed.

1. Bathe smart

Ok, so this sounds like a simple one, but when it comes to finding the ultimate natural grooming tips, making sure you start with a clean base is the best first step. We’ve already covered how often you should shower, and how to shower with dry skin, so now let’s look at how best to go about showering. 

Your shower should be an opportunity to hydrate, not dry your skin, so use a natural body wash like Axe’s new Fresh Collection. Made with gentle plant-based cleansers and free from parabens, it comes in four irresistible 100% natural origin scents. Then, get your blood pumping and skin looking great with a blast of cold water right before hopping. (Yes, we know, it doesn’t sound enjoyable but just trust us on this one.)

2. Care for your mitts

The next step in this male grooming guide is to turn your attention to your mitts. You use your hands to greet people, let loose on the dance floor, and shove that delicious burger into your mouth. So, you always want clean, evenly cut nails, particularly on a date. Cut your nails once a week, right after you get out of the shower, and use a nail brush every day to keep those nails nice and pearly white.

3. Regularly refresh that hair style

Short and messy? Stiff and prickly? All wrapped up in yourself? A good ‘do makes you feel confident everywhere you go. When it comes to handy grooming tips, don’t go too long between cuts and use Axe’s styling products and hair styling tips to get the right look.

4. Wear natural deodorant

Smelling good is hella sexy. Body odor? Not so much. Using deodorant is key when it comes to beating underarm sweat. Wanting to keep a more natural grooming routine? Now you can, with Axe’s new Fresh Collection, which provides 48-hour protection against body odor. This 100% aluminum free deodorant for men is gentle enough for sensitive skin and infused with essential oils. Available in four irresistible, natural masculine scents.

5. Get enough shut-eye

This is an essential grooming tip that we had to learn the hard way, so trust us when we say that sleep is really important to how you look and feel. It can bring you confidence and put you in a good mood. When you’re in dreamland, your skin and body regenerate in all sorts of ways and younger guys especially need tons of sleep. If you want better skin, to lose those dark circles, and be able to focus better, ditch your phone or gaming console at a set time each night and get at least 8 hours of shut-eye.

6. Drink lots of water

Water is the essence of life – it keeps your body in good condition and improves your skin. When you’re dehydrated, your breath, body odor, and skin can suffer. Stay hydrated so your skin look sat it best and you have lots of energy. Not sure if you’re drinking enough? Here’s a guide with signs you may not be drinking enough.

7. Find a signature scent

One of the best grooming tips for men is to find a signature fragrance. Having a scent that is distinctly you makes a statement without saying a word (not to mention, dates love it). Don’t have a signature scent yet? Why not try one of our four irresistible new Fresh Collection scents, infused with essential oils from 100% natural origin and bursting with delicious scent? Plus, the 0% aluminum deodorant for men provides 48-hour protection against body odor, so it’s really a win-win.

8. Keep an eye on those feet

Possibly the most neglected body part. We stuff them into socks and walk on them all day. Well-groomed guys care for every body part. Give your feet a good scrub when you shower and, if you’ve got calluses, don’t be afraid to use a pumice stone. You’ll be glad you did come summer.

9. Wear nice duds

No, you don’t have to be a total hypebeast, but give some thought to your wardrobe, and plan what to wear the day before. It saves time and avoids impulsive decisions. Don’t forget those little details that take your clothes from look to lewk. From wearing a scarf to ironing your pants, you can find out more here.

10. Have fun with it.

But the bestself-grooming tip is making sure you’re taking care of number one. Give yourself a little love and you’ll look great and radiate confidence. Our body sprays, natural deodorants and body wash free from parabens will take care of the rest. Now get out there and flex your new natural look. 

Follow these grooming tips for men and you’ll be feeling and looking fresh no matter what. Still needing a little boost with your confidence? We’ve got you.


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