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AXE 10 ways to stay cool as a cucumber in hot weather article

10 Ways to Stay Cool as a Cucumber in Hot Weather

It’s finally time to kiss that winter coat good-bye, crack out the sunglasses, and head to a pool party.

While there’s no solution to how to deal with a heat wave, sunny days are best when you feel and smell fresh. Thankfully, Axe has got your back-up plan for controlling your body odor even in the steamiest of situations. Here’s our top 10 tips to keep cool in hot weather. Turn down the odor and turn up the tunes.

Always stay hydrated: It comes as no surprise that we sweat more when it’s hot and sweat is made mostly of – you guessed it – water. Dehydration can be bad for your mood, health, and can lead to heat exhaustion. You want to make the most of summer, right? So stay hydrated with water and if you want to switch it up, some sports drinks.

Up your shower game: normally we recommend showering once a day but when it’s hot, you might need to up the frequency. Scrub off any odor-causing bacteria with some Axe body wash and use cool or even cold water if you can hack it. You’ll step out feeling as fresh as an ice cube in one of those fancy drinks that come with an umbrella.

Choose cool deodorants: When it’s blazing hot, it’s all about those cool scents. Think citrus, coconut, water, mint or light florals. Our new Fresh Collection has 100% natural origin scent and is infused with essential oils. Try summery fragrances like Hawaiian Vibe and Caribbean Chill or give yourself a blast of freshness with Mediterranean Cool, and Alpine Lift.

Make body spray last longer: when you spray scent on your skin, it mingles with your body heat and eventually evaporates. In hot weather that happens even faster! If you need a mid-day refresh, spritz your scent on your clothes or hair for an extra boost.

Make sure you’re packing: deodorant that is. This is a no-brainer. Take your stick with you when you leave the house! While all Axe deodorant and antiperspirant provide 48-hour protection against body odor, you can top up on your protection and scent throughout the day as needed.

Dress smart: Yes, that sports jacket does look really fly, but it’s 80 degrees outside. Hang that baby back up and slowly step away from the wardrobe. It’s time for light, loose clothing only. And bring an extra t-shirt to change into in case your plans keep you out all day and all night.

Layer on scents for odor protection: more is more. Our body washes, deodorants and antiperspirants (Link opens in new widnow.) are designed to work together and give you long-lasting odor protection. The bodywash washes away bacteria before it causes smell, our deodorants and antiperspirants keep you smelling good and feeling dry, and our body sprays give you all-over body protection so you’re best-smelling, coolest cuke out there.

Make the most of it: Summer is for adventure. We know it’s tempting to stay in the basement with your buds playing PS5, but you can do that literally any other time of year. Find that local swimming hole and invite your crush along. Learn how to boogie board, or head out on a road trip to a national park.

Plan around the hottest part of the day: The Spanish were onto something with siesta hours. Get up early, make the most of the morning, then hunker down at the very height of the day, and emerge fresh and ready to party by early evening. And don’t forget to choose a deodorant for hot weather.

Choose long-lasting protection: Axe body washes provide 12 hours of long-lasting fragrance, and our deodorants, antiperspirants and body sprays 48 hours, so you know you have the protection you need.


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