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LIV 3 science backed strategies to boost brain power article

3 Science-Backed Strategies to Boost Brain Power

We love it when things work smarter, not harder (hello, hydration that’s 2x faster than water alone). And not just smarter… but with enjoyment as part of the equation too. So when we were brainstorming (pun intended) ways to improve our brain health, we thought up forms of cognitive fuel that bring the joy factor. Not only does that make these health habits fun to keep doing, but it keeps our brains pliable, improves grey matter, and helps us maintain a willingness to learn.

Below, find a few tips to keep your mind sharp, that don’t feel like work.


Your brain is one hungry organ, requiring 20% of your daily caloric intake—and feeding it properly can be a game-changer in how well you’re able to think critically and problem solve. Some nutrients that have been studied to have positive mental outcomes include: flavonoids (plant compounds in berries and tea), omega fatty acids (in avocado, seaweed, and fatty fish), and vitamin K (in dark leafy greens).


Nix your social media scrolling habit and flex your brain instead, all while playing on your phone. How? Download “brain training” apps like Elevate or Left vs. Right. Treat these games like going to the gym for your mind; just 15 minutes a day is designed to help improve brain capabilities like memory, focus, processing, and reflexes. One testimonial even declared, “I can literally feel my brain doing jumping jacks.” Translation? Keep doing reps and witness the results.


The world of nootropics is an exciting one, especially when it comes to accessing our brain’s highest potential and optimum mental performance. That’s why we’ve added Yuzu Pineapple Energy Multiplier to our daily routine in terms of cognitive support. First, L-theanine is an amino acid that helps support brain function, mental clarity, and focus for a cognitive boost without the crash; then, CognatIQ™ is clinically shown to help support mental functions such as memory and alertness; and Coffeeberry® Energy Extract provides a natural source of caffeine. The combination of the three active ingredients helps to create physical energy with a cognitive boost.


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