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Axe 3 steps to beating underarm sweat article

3 Steps to Beating Underarm Sweat

Help! How do I stop sweating so much?

It’s normal to sweat, particularly after a workout or when it’s hot. Because sweating is linked to all sorts of things, sometimes you can sweat a lot even in cold or cool weather. But sometimes, we want to avoid excessive sweating to help us feel our most confident. If you’re looking to control underarm sweat, you’ve come to the right place (we’re kinda experts, actually). Read on for tips on how to control sweating and feel your best.

Underarm Sweat: The Facts

We’ve covered perspiration in other places, but the TLDR is this: everyone sweats differently.

Underarm sweat varies with climate, genetics, and activity level. Lifestyle factors play a part (smoking and drinking can all make you sweat more, but so can being physically active), as do diet (spicy foods and caffeine are known sweat-makers). Stress and anxiety also increase perspiration.

Drip Check: Signs You’re Sweating More than Usual

A constant wet feeling. ‘Nuff said. While some sweat is inevitable in life, you want to control excessive sweating to help you feel comfortable. Let’s get you dry, cool and confident.

Thinking about sweat is making you sweat…more. Sweating is linked to anxiety and stress, so just thinking about it can trigger it. We’ve got tips on how to handle this further down!

It’s visible through your clothing. Wet underarms can be awkward when you’re on a date or in class, so we’ll get you dry and protected in no time with our antiperspirants for men.

How Do I Stop Sweating So Much (and Control Underarm Sweat)?

To avoid excess sweating for good, you need a solid grooming routine, antiperspirant protection, and to consider making changes to your lifestyle. These tips on how to stop sweating so much will help in no time:

Have grooming on lock. The first step when it comes to knowing how to control sweating is to have your daily routine on lock. Antiperspirants and deodorants are designed to work best on clean skin, so let’s start with your daily shower. A good male body wash will wash away the bacteria that causes body odor. Think of it as a blank slate for the day. All Axe body wash for men is dermatologist tested and paraben-free, and suitable even for sensitive skin. 

Call in the big guns with antiperspirant protection. Want to know how to control underarm sweat? Meet antiperspirant, your new best friend. The best antiperspirants work by applying a thin layer of gel to your skin that temporarily stops sweat in its tracks. Axe’s technology provides 48-hour protection against sweat and body odor, so you stay fresher for longer. Antiperspirant works better on dry skin, so towel yourself off really well before applying it – and consider topping up right before bed for extra protection. 

Make some lifestyle changes. If you want to avoid excessive sweating, try to identify your sweat triggers. Once you notice what causes this, you can take steps to reduce it! Are you more damp on days you’ve got a big project due, or is it when you’re downing energy drinks? If it’s stress, try some meditation or deep breathing exercises on YouTube or Spotify – you can find ones specifically for pre-exam jitters, stress, and all sorts of situations. Or maybe it’s as simple as reducing that caffeine intake.

Now you know how to stop sweating so much, you’re prepared to feel confident and look great in any situation. Need a bit of extra help to control underarm sweat in summer? We’ve got you covered with this guide on how to stay cool as a cucumber, even in summer.


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