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LIV 7 expert wellness tips article

7 Expert Wellness Tips to Feel Better When You Lose an Hour

Here comes the sun. You heard us, spring is coming and winter is taking an hour-sized bite out of your day on its way out. It happens every year, a song and dance between seasons. It’s called Daylight Saving Time (DST), ever heard of it?

All kidding aside, in the wee hours of Sunday, March 14, the clocks will jump ahead an hour, and many of us will wake up feeling off. Don’t worry, LIV Fam. We’ve got DST tips to help you bounce back when the clock springs forward.

1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

The best way to beat the DST blues is to go to sleep an hour early the night before. Having trouble winding down? Sleep Multiplier is a fast-acting, drug-free sleep aid designed to help you eazzz into sleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. Bonus: If you find yourself nodding off on Sunday, Mayo Clinic recommends taking a 20-minute midday nap.

2. Good Morning, Sunshine 

Changing the clocks can play a confusing game with your circadian rhythm. To counteract this—and help your body adjust to the sun’s new office hours—experts recommend getting a few minutes of natural sunlight right when you wake up.

3. Tech Bedtime 

While our bodies may benefit from light in the early morning, the opposite becomes true at bedtime. You’ve heard it a million times before. As much as we love them, our phones, computers, iPads, TVs, and other similar devices emit blue light that can interfere with sleep. The solution? Establish a one-hour-before-bed cutoff time and stick to it.

4. Clock Out Early

Time is all around us. From our watches, to our cars, to our microwaves, we are constantly reminded of the hours, minutes, and sometimes even seconds in a day. Save yourself the Sunday morning confusion and make sure all of your clocks are set one hour ahead before bedtime.

5. Set an Alarm

We know it’s tough, but resist the urge to sleep in on Sunday. Trying to outsmart nature by stealing back the extra hour will only make Monday that much more difficult. Set a Sunday alarm and forgo the snooze button.

6. Early Bird Special 

When you eat can impact when you fall asleep. If your body is too busy digesting a big dinner, it may be more difficult to doze off. Therefore, experts recommend eating dinner just a tad earlier to help your body prepare for DST. For best results, aim to end your last meal three or four hours before you go to sleep.

7. Energize (The Right Way) 

Chances are, even with these tips, losing an hour will probably leave you at least a little groggy. And that’s fine. Just make sure you recharge with the right kind of fuel. If your body already feels a bit out of whack, the last thing it needs is a ride on the coffee rollercoaster. Mix up a tall glass of Energy Multiplier to power through the long(er) days ahead.


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