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LIV 8 tips to maximize your daily exercise routine article

8 Tips to Maximize Your Daily Exercise Routine

With any goal in life (but particularly with exercise), it’s best to start intentionally and have a plan. Keep a pen and notebook close by to plan your exercise routine before your workout. This way you’ll have an idea of what you want your session to look like, and you’ll likely be more efficient and stick to the plan. Use the same notebook to track your experience post-workout. Which sets were easy and which challenged you? Which exercises brought you the most joy and which ones could you replace with something more fun and enjoyable for you, while still working the same muscle group? You will be more likely able to maintain a daily exercise routine if you can keep track of your progress and can reflect on the process.  

Not into carrying a pen and paper? There are several fitness apps available, many of which allow you to customize and update your workout progress. Some of our favorite apps include:

  • MapMyRun (Running)
  • MyFitnessPal (General Fitness)
  • Nike Training Club (NTC)
  • Alo Moves (Yoga)
  • Trainiac (General Fitness)

Focus on Form

With conditioning, cardio, and outdoor athletics, it’s important to learn and maintain correct form. Doing a workout incorrectly can be harmful on muscles and can cause injury, not to mention unneeded soreness. If you’re planning on attempting complex lifting routines or fitness moves, it’s best to consult a personal trainer or expert athlete in the field for tips on the best form and training routines. If you don’t have access to a gym or personal trainer, YouTube videos can also be help your form for your daily exercise routine.

Vary Your Workouts

Once you’ve established a semblance of normalcy in your daily exercise routine, make sure you take the time to mix up your workouts. If you enjoy working out at the gym, try to change your routine up every 4-6 weeks. Different exercises will help keep you engaged and having fun, and will also work different muscle groups. Changing your routine is especially important if you are not seeing results. If you are a climber or weightlifter, be sure to shake up your routine with regular cardio, which will allow your legs to get in on the workout frenzy. On the contrary, if you’re normally a runner, try incorporating some weightlifting or resistance workouts into your routine to give your legs a rest and your upper body a chance to gain some strength.  

Remember to Warm Up and Cool Down

It may seem like a no-brainer, but warming up and cooling down are two of the most overlooked aspects of a daily fitness routine. In order to prevent muscle injury, make sure to stretch or start with a light workout before getting into the more intense part of your daily exercise routine. Post-workout, stretch or do a lighter workout to prevent lactic acid build up in your muscles. Despite the advice of most fitness professionals, not stretching after workouts continues to be one of the top causes of extreme soreness and, in some cases, even injury. In addition to the obvious preventative benefits, massaging your muscles after your workout is another great way to prevent cramping and to increase flexibility and circulation.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

At this point, it seems like there are thousands of choices when it comes to healthy diets. Whether it’s veganism, paleo, keto, or any other food fad, it’s ultimately up to you to find out which diet works best for your needs and lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, beans and monounsaturated fats are some general healthy diet guidelines to follow. Just like workout routines, the best diet is dependent on your lifestyle, metabolism, and genetics, so figuring out what makes you feel the best is likely a matter of trial and error. If you’re eager to find out more quickly what the best diet plan for your daily exercise routine might be, it may be worth visiting a nutritionist or dietician to get a personalized plan tailored to your nutritional needs.  

Join a Class

Another great way to maximize your daily exercise routine and maintain your motivation is to join a class. Most gyms offer workout classes to fit every type of person, from cycling classes to pilates. You can also try something new like yoga or lead climbing if you’ve been wanting to get out of your comfort zone. Whatever you choose, it’s helpful to have an instructor guiding you to give you expert tips, and being in a class with people who enjoy the same activities as you can build your community and your overall motivation. Beyond that, if you find yourself really struggling to keep your motivation, hiring a trainer whose job it is to push you will also benefit your fitness. 

Drink Liquid I.V.

Staying hydrated is extremely important in athletics as well as day-to-day life. The benefits of staying hydrated to your daily exercise routine can include increased performance, mental clarity, and reduced signs of aging. Liquid I.V. (Link opens in new window.) uses Cellular Transport Technology™ to deliver water and other nutrients rapidly into your bloodstream. It can help hydrate your body faster and more efficiently than drinking water alone, and can be a vital way to recover or sustain yourself during an intense workout.

Do Exercises That You Love

In order for your daily exercise routine to remain, well, daily, it’s critical to be doing exercises that you love. Some people are diehard runners, and for others, running is like kryptonite. If you’re struggling to incorporate cardio or another type of workout, try shaking it up with a team sport like ultimate frisbee to get your cardio in instead. Exercise is important for all of us, and finding your perfect daily exercise routine comes down to identifying the types of workouts or exercise or play that bring you enough joy to remain a sustainable part of a healthy lifestyle.


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