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LIV activities to try before summer ends article

8 Unexpected Activities to do Before the Summer Ends

Summer days are long and the nights are sweet. But the season is short, so you’ve got to make it count, LIV Fam. We’ve made our list of the absolute must do, try, and see experiences and adventures for this summer. Keep reading to check out our list and use it to create yours.

Hit the Drive-In

They had their heyday in the 1950s and 60s, when drive-ins were weekly destinations for couples, groups of friends, and families alike. The advent of video made them seemingly obsolete, until the 2020 pandemic reminded us why we love drive-ins. They’re retro-cool, take place outdoors with easy social distancing, and show the same new releases as the theaters, except you can view them under the stars. Our tip: Bring a blanket so you can sit outside your car on cooler nights (or pop the hatch back and stretch out if you have one). Leave the snacks at home, though: Most drive-ins make very little money from your admission and instead support their business through the sale of concessions. Find a theater near you here. And, don’t forget the bug spray.

Try Water Skiing

Waterskiing looks fun and fairly newbie-friendly, but is it? Yes! While we don’t suggest trying a handstand on your first go, this is one watersport you’ll quickly get the hang of, with the hardest part being the start in deep water. Once you’re on your feet, you’ll be flying along at speeds of up to 30mph. The must-have accessory for this activity? A life vest, which can keep you floating in case of a less-than-graceful dismount.

Host a Themed Picnic

If you’re looking for an excuse to gather friends, a themed picnic is another must-try for summer fun. Give out a theme (like Around The World, American BBQ, Bite Size Only, or Summer Fresh) and let friends interpret it with their culinary offerings made to share. Pack up your blanket, mix up some LIV mocktails, and grab your reusable plastic cups and utensils, then hit the park for dinner and conversation. Pro tip: Set the mood with bug-repelling citronella candles and bring a garbage bag for cleanup so you can leave your green space exactly as you found it.

Rent a Boat for the Day

If you’re ready to sail off into the sunset, put a boat rental on the top of your summer agenda. First, decide what kind of trip you’d like. If you’ve had some experience driving on the open seas, all you need is a small vessel, plus food, drinks, sunscreen and fishing gear if you’re so inclined. Looking for something more lavish? A group outing on a luxury yacht chartered by a captain will run about $400 an hour. Feeling extra adventurous? Take a long weekend on a houseboat, where you can sleep, cook, and relax in an apartment on the waves. 

Go Stand Up Paddle Boarding

You’ve seen those paddle boarders at the beach gracefully gliding through the waves, and now it’s your turn. Local pros at surf and paddle shops can give you a quick, 30-minute lesson to get you started—and in the meantime, try these tips: Keep your board leashed to your wrist or ankle, use your core to paddle, and keep your eyes on a fixed point on the horizon to achieve balance. Also good to know: Every body of water is different, so make sure you’re ready for the waves you plan to ride.

Dine on the Roof

If you’re like us, you’ve really, really missed your friends. So, start the reunion tour on the top floor: A rooftop bar. Enjoy light bites, amazing conversation, and a view of the town or city nearest you. Summer socializing is the best kind—we’re pretty sure that’s a scientific fact. Cheers to that. 

Go Camping

Is it even summer if you don’t camp out at least once? We don’t want to know. Spending time outdoors can give you the mental, physical, and emotional boost you need, and it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family. Check out some of the most beautiful places to pop your tent in the USA, and get everything you need—including tents, electric lanterns and lights, hydration, and bug spray—before you go. 

Visit Your Botanical Gardens

Want to get awed by nature’s beauty (and maybe inspired to start your own garden on your window sill)? Your local botanical gardens should be a stop on your summer fun tour de force. Finely nurtured and curated plant species from around the world, as well as the major players and seasonal varieties from your local area, are on incredible display for you. Plus, your visit will do some good, since your support will empower the important preservation work of the garden.


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