Field Problem – Pre-Deployment Anxiety

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I recently found out my husband will be deploying soon. We have three children and I’m really scared about him going.  I have nightmares and crying spells, and though we’ve talked about of what I would do if something were to happen, it doesn’t seem to help me feel better, how do I deal with these feelings.  I’m a wreck already and he doesn’t even leave for months.  Can you help?
Anonymous, Army wife.
Thank you for writing to us with your question. First of all I want you to know that you are not going crazy and you are not alone. We’ve all been through this on some level when dealing with our loved ones’ deployments, and there are resources available.
Let’s talk briefly about the FRG, so that we can get that out of the way. It’s important to understand that at the most basic level, the FRG is merely a channel of communication between the Commander and the family members. When we get lucky, it’s more than that and can be a real source of support as well as communication. Here’s a link to the skinny on FRGs:
Now on to the real support issue. It is important to talk to someone, and it’s good that you’re reaching out while you have months before he goes, because maybe that means you’ll be in a better place mentally and emotionally when he does go. There are lots of resources available to you – talking with our parents and religious leaders are great, but they’re not for everyone – and I’ll suggest a couple for you.
  • Try contacting the ACS at your post. They will either have a Military Life Family Consultant (MFLC…when you call to ask, you can just say “EMFLAK”) or will be able to tell you how to reach one.
  • Call the helpline at Military One Source. The number is 800-342-9647. They have people manning the phones 24/7, and these are people who are familiar with military life and its trials and tribulations.
  • Check out the Resource Database at our AWN mother page. I did a quick search using the word “deployment,” and came up with these results.
  • Check out the information and resources available at Army One Source. It is a real font of information.
I hope this helps you. The AWN team stands ready to help!


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