Make It Feel Like Autumn for a Deployed Soldier

By Krystel

I identify the change of seasons not only by falling leaves and the change in their colors, but by the smells, the temperature and the all-around pre-holiday homey feeling that fall brings.
For deployed military personnel in combat zones, there are no trees with leaves changing colors, no leaves to rake up from the ground and no house with the smell of cinnamon to comfort them after a long day of work. Although deployments are serious situations, there are some fun aspects such as making creative care packages to surprise your serving family member.
Here are 5 fun ideas to bring the fall season to a deployed service member:
1. Soups: I don’t know a person that doesn’t love a nice bowl of hot soup on a fall day. There are many neatly packaged delicious pre-made soups that you can purchase to send a loved one. Try tying a handwritten note around a Lipton® Cup-A-Soup for an extra special treat.
2. Plugins or Solid Air Fresheners: It’s preferred that military personnel don’t light candles in their rooms (combat zones) and that we don’t mail off aerosol-based products. However, plugins in fall scents such as apple, cinnamon or pumpkin and fabric freshener sprays are great alternatives.
3. Décor: Nothing says “Fall” like the right decor. Visit places like your local dollar store and purchase items like faux pumpkins and a colorful autumn tablecloth to send to your deployed service member. Soldiers can line their workspace with the fall themed tablecloth and set the pumpkins outside their doors for some outdoor decor. Additionally, putting together a Thanksgiving care package is a great way to welcome fall.
4. Treats: There are plenty of fall themed treats that make their way to shelves during this time of year. A bag of candy corn screams “Autumn is here,” along with pumpkin shaped cookies, turkey jerky and packs of flavored teas or hot cocoa. Tazo® has a delicious Sweet Cinnamon Spice tea that will bring fall aromas to the whole platoon. For Thanksgiving, create a “Turkey Day” box with easy versions of traditional Thanksgiving foods. This can include turkey dressing, canned greens, instant mashed potatoes, cake in a jar and canned ham.
5. Movies: Certain movies scream a specific holiday or time of year. Google “Top Fall Movies” and then compile a playlist to send over to your loved one or purchase the movies to send in a box.

What fun items do you love to send in your special themed care packages?


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