9 Budget-Friendly Ways to Get Glamorous for Military Balls

JD Collins

October celebrates the Navy’s Birthday, which means it is time for annual birthday ball. Once a year, service members and their spouses put on their formal attire for a glamorous night that celebrates centuries-old military traditions.

What’s not so traditional is how much money one can spend at these occasions. On top of the ticket prices, you have to primp and prepare yourself to look your very best in front of your spouse’s boss and coworkers. With these money-saving tips, you can be sure to look dazzling without breaking the bank account.

1) The Gown — If you don’t want to spend money of a new gown and alterations, ask around and see if you can borrow a gown. If you’re looking for a designer gown, check out rental dress sites where you can rent glamorous dresses online at a fraction of their retail price.

2) Skin — Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Clean glowing skin will always win out over a face caked full of makeup. Exfoliate the night before to avoid redness and use a moisturizer like Pond's® Crema S to get a nice, healthy glow.

3) Shoes — Invest in the basic (and comfortable!) neutral colored shoes that can go with anything. If there is a holiday party or another dress-up occasion in the future, you can wear those shoes again!

4) Hair —  Professional hair styling can be expensive. Keep it simple by having your hair sleek and straight. You can leave it down and or in a nice ponytail. Keep flyaways at bay with a nice finishing hair spray from Tresemmé®.

5) Nails — A basic manicure is all you need, clean and simple. Avoid the extra cost by forgoing the extra designs. If you wear close-toed shoes, you can skip the pedicure to save money since no one will see them anyway.

6) Jewelry — Save on accessories by borrowing or wearing fine jewelry you already have. Less is more. Excessive bling can look like you’re going to prom instead of a formal military ball.

7) Makeup — Save money by recruiting a makeup-savvy friend or research videos online. There are a ton of how-to videos on the web. If you’re still not confident in your skills, head to a makeup counter. They generally do your makeup for free as long as you buy a product.

8) Scent — Skip the expensive perfume. All you really need to do is make sure you smell fresh. Swipe on some Dove deodorant and you should be fine.

9) Bag — Chances are there won’t be a red carpet and your photo won’t appear in the tabloids. So save money on your bag and keep it simple. It is there to hold your basic necessities: phone, keys, id and cash and makeup for touchups. It’ll spend more time on the table than in your hands.


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