Not Born With A "Sweet Thumb": Six Tips for Non Bakers

With the holidays around the corner, delectable cookies, cakes full of sweet yummy icing and pies made from grandma’s old recipes will be on everyone’s radar. Don’t forget that your soldier overseas may be looking for a care package with a taste of those homemade treats too. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with a “sweet thumb”, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t “fake it until you make it”.

Here are 6 tips for creating amazing treats even if you're a non-baker:

Semi Homemade- One of the biggest tricks around is to take box cake mix and make it taste homemade. Do this by adding a stick of butter, milk instead of water, and an extra egg.

Cakepop It- Cakepops are all the rage and the easiest thing to make for those of us non-bakers. A box of your favorite cake mix, melted white or brown chocolate, lollipop sticks and sprinkles for decoration are all you need. Feel free to add food coloring to the white chocolate to change up the colors and make them more festive.

No Bake Desserts- No bake desserts are great when you are in a time pinch and don’t want to worry about making sure you are hitting the mark in terms of perfect measurements. Pinterest offers tons of no bake dessert ideas.

Buttery Goodness- Anything buttery makes a good baked treat great. Even if you don't want to use butter there are some great healthy alternatives such as I Can't Believe It's Not Butter®.  Be sure any butter or margarine you use is room temperature when baking. If not, your cookies will spread too much and your cakes won’t rise enough.

3 Ingredients Please- Ever heard of the 3 ingredient Peanut Butter cookie? One egg, sugar and peanut butter is all it takes. There are tons of 3 ingredient cookie recipes. You can’t mess that up.

Sweets for Your Sweet- Our loved ones overseas want to relish in the delightful sweets of the holiday season and even us non-bakers can make our soldiers believe they are receiving the best sweets even if it is premade dough that you just drop on a cookie sheet and bake. Stop focusing on whether it’s homemade and just be sure to bake with love. Make sure to wrap the cookies in small batches in plastic wrap and then store in a airtight container. This should help them arrive at their destination safely.


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