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OIT 9 deployment goals for military spouses article

9 Deployment Goals For Military Spouses

I’ve never really been one to make resolutions for the New Year, but with Hubs heading out for a little while this year, it seemed fitting to put together a list of goals for while he’s away.

I’ve tackled several separations throughout our marriage thus far, but it’s always felt like I was simply surviving. This time around, the goal is to thrive and make the most of our time apart.

One of the very most important things to take care of while your service member is away is yourself! You’re going to have a tough time wrangling kiddos and taking care of others if you’re not feeling your best. For that reason, it’s my goal to take better care of myself.

This means cereal and milk isn’t going to cut it for dinner. Every once in awhile is fine. A month straight? Not so much. Let’s not even get into that one month that I pretty much survived solely on snack cakes and wine.

I will also be making it my goal to spend more fulfilling time with my children. Too often I’m guilty of turning the TV in hopes of that keeping them entertained. We live in Hawaii for goodness sake! This is the perfect time and place for us to get out and explore.

And since we’re talking duty station, why not make it a goal to really explore the area around your duty station? Not everyone can get as lucky as we did, but usually, you can find some hidden gems no matter where you’re stationed. Checking a local Facebook page or doing a simple internet search should give you some ideas.

Along the same lines, make it a goal to find out what your base has to offer. Most Army posts have wonderful Army Community Service (ACS) programs that offer all sorts of classes to help better yourself and your life. You might be surprised by the activities available to you on base, from paintball to go-carts.

If bettering yourself is a goal, separation is a great time to accomplish some schooling and work towards a degree. There are so many grants and scholarships out there for military spouses!

If schooling isn’t your thing, you could always learn a new hobby or skill. Our Arts & Crafts center on base teaches all sorts of classes from pottery wheels to woodworking. The first time my husband deployed I bought a sewing machine on a whim and taught myself to sew.

While my husband was gone, I also accomplished several home improvement goals. Now even if you live on base, you don’t have to go into any major projects. Maybe just sprucing up a room, or fixing up the yard with flowerbeds. During our last deployment, it was my goal to complete a fire pit in our back yard. With the help of a friend, that goal was accomplished a mere day or two before my husband’s return, but hey, it got done!

In the event that you happen to be collecting separation pay, or other benefits, this would be a great time to set some financial goals and either pay off debt or bulk up your savings.

Finally, this goal might very well be the key to thriving while your spouse is gone. Make a friend! If it wasn’t for the amazing friends that I’ve made as a military wife, I don’t know if I’d be able to survive this tumultuous life. All of my very best and closest military wife friends have been a result of my husband being gone. If your spouse is gone with other members of the unit, seek out other spouses left behind who may be going through the same things you are.