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Scavenger Hunt

Organization Tips For Families!

Since a lot of us have been spending a lot of time at home, you’re probably realizing it’s time to organize or declutter. These tasks seem impossible when you have children – like brushing your teeth while eating oreo’s! 

We asked around and came up with some fun ideas to help children pitch in. Make it a game!

One idea is to list tasks on index cards. Simple stuff like: “find your dolls and put them into this basket”, or “Look for all the blue trucks and put them in this box!”. Write rewards on separate cards for them to pull when their task is complete. 

You can also hide these cards and use “I Spy….”, as a way to have them find their tasks without ripping up the house looking for them! 

Alternatively, you could use a scavenger hunt to find the cards! 

Use the boxes from deliveries (I know my house is full of amazon boxes – whoops), and have them separate their toys by category. When it is all complete you can sift through them together (or behind their backs) and donate them! 

After everything is cleaned up and partially organized, have a cleaning party using Seventh Generation products & have an Ice Cream Party with Breyer’s Ice Cream!  It could be their reward for helping! Then, treat yourself to a spa night using For Beauty & Planet or Dove products.


If you have any organizing tips, submit them to us at 


Ice cream party: Fun Ice Cream Ideas