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Simple Makeup Tips for Red Carpet Glamour

Simple Makeup Tips For Red-Carpet Glamour!

Four easy ways to add a little “wow” to your look – for day or night

Before A-list stars hit the red carpet for awards shows, they visit professional makeup artist Mally Roncal. Here she shares some easy ways to add a little glamour to your own look — even if you’re not donning an evening gown or taking home a gold statue.

Try a classic Hollywood look. “Dark eyeliner is good, even for everyday use, if it’s done right,” Roncal says. “Make it skinnier toward the inner corner of the eye and thicker toward the outer corner,” she says. “Don’t take it all the way to the outer corner of the eye though,” she advises.

“That drags the eye down. Stop right before the end of the eye.” Roncal recommends a pencil rather than liquid eyeliner because it’s easier to create a softer look by smudging it. A lightly moistened Q-Tips® cotton swab can help refine your lines or clean up wayward liner.

Go glossy. “A glossy lip is very important,” says Roncal. “You don’t want a matte, heavy, dark lip; that’s good for photoshoots, but not for an everyday look.” She suggests a pink shade with a bit of golden shimmer. “It makes your lips look fuller and more pouty,” she says. If you use lip liner, it should match the natural color of your lips, not your lipstick. In a pinch, you can add shine to lips by putting just a touch of Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly at the center of your upper lip, then blend by lightly smacking lips together.

Forget heavy foundation. “I like to use a powder foundation,” says Roncal. “Apply it with a powder brush in a circular motion, buffing it into the skin. It softens the skin tone and it’s great for oily skin.”

Apply mascara like a pro. Always curl your lashes before applying mascara. “Every star on the red carpet has had her lashes curled — guaranteed,” Roncal says. Apply one coat of mascara evenly. Then apply a second coat just on the outer corners for an Italian movie-star look, Roncal says.