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Blow-Drying Tips

Blow-Drying Tips

Celebrity stylist Gretta Monahan turns up the heat with basic blow-drying techniques.

We would all like to have wash-and-wear hair, but the fact is most of us are slaves to the blow-dryer. Make the process user-friendlier with some easy-to-manage tips from celebrity stylist Gretta Monahan.

Pre-dry. Working with hair that is dripping wet can make the drying process twice as long. Instead, place your hair in a towel or let it air-dry before turning on the blow-dryer. “Most people don’t realize that hair won’t do anything until it’s 80% dry,” Monahan says. Consider making it the last thing you do in the morning. By the time you’ve had breakfast and put on your makeup, your hair will be ready to style.

Brush with greatness. Using the correct brush will also make blow-drying a lot easier. “Always use a brush that is right for the length and area of the hair,” Monahan says. And consider having several different ones for different effects. “I tell my clients that if they have a vented brush, a paddle brush and a round brush, they’ll be able to create all the different looks a stylist does,” she adds.

Style with confidence. Paddle brushes are great for detangling – especially for long hair that’s normal to fine in texture. Round brushes add volume and are the perfect tool to use for a smooth blowout. Vented brushes are best for thick or coarse hair because they allow the heat from the dryer to pass through the hair. They’re also great for flipping up the ends, and/or for styling shorter hair of any texture.

Leave the room. If you are blow-drying your hair in the bathroom, consider relocating to a drier climate. “The humidity in the bathroom will counteract what you are hoping to accomplish with the dryer,” Monahan says. Staying in a sticky bathroom will prolong the drying process and cause hair to collapse.

Set the stage. Whatever your style, using the right styling product for your hair type before you dry can save time and protect your locks. For example, try Dove® Style+CareTM Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse, a curl-enhancing product will help define and protect naturally curly hair.


Lock in your look. Last but not least, a quick spritz of finishing spray will help keep your hair looking great all day. Try Dove® Style+CareTM Strength & Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray, or for more demanding styles, go with Dove® Style+CareTM Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray.