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Beauty Tips

Bundle Up For Fall Skin Protection!

With fall’s cooler weather and brisk winds, you’ll want to protect your children’s skin and keep them comfortable while they’re running, playing and getting that 60 minutes of exercise they need each day. Follow our simple tips for healthy skin this autumn.

Choose Breathable Fabrics

Natural fabrics such as cotton are great because they breathe when kids perspire, says Tanya Kormeili, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in Santa Monica, Calif. and a clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

“When you sweat and you’re wearing a breathable fabric, the perspiration gets absorbed into the fabric,” Dr. Kormelli explains. “I see more rashes in my patients who wear polyester workout clothes.”

Apply Sunscreen — Every Morning

Just because summer’s over, sunscreen shouldn’t be stashed in the closet with the beach towels. “UV radiation can be an issue even on cool, cloudy days,” says Dr. Kormeili. “Get your kids in the habit of applying sunscreen every morning after they brush their teeth,” she suggests. Long-sleeved clothing and hats on sunny fall days offer sufficient sun protection too.

Shorten Their Showers

From the moment we first crank up the heater in our home each fall, the air inside gets dryer. “And hot showers remove a lot of the natural lubrication of the skin,” says Dr. Kormeili. So encourage kids to dial back a bit on the hot water.

Also, skip antimicrobial soaps, which have a high alcohol content and can dry skin, Dr. Kormeili suggests. A great option: Suave® Kids Free and Gentle Body Wash, which is hypoallergenic and leaves kids’ skin soft and smooth.

Moisturize Their Skin

Dr. Kormeili recommends moisturizing lotions containing coconut oil or shea butter to seal in the skin’s natural moisture and says applying the lotion right after getting out of the bath or shower works best. Another tip? Encourage kids to pat — not rub — their skin dry with a towel after bathing.

Of course, kids don’t want to wait around too long after a bath. (There are games to play!) That’s why Vaseline® Intensive Care Lotions are a good choice for soothing children’s dry skin. These fast-absorbing lotions leave skin extra soft and smooth — in a flash.

Protect Their Delicate Lips

Colder, windy weather can lead to chapped lips, and the thinner, more delicate skin of children’s lips is particularly susceptible to becoming chapped. Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly helps protect lips from the effects of weather and exposure. It’s a great overnight treatment for lips that have already seen a bit too much weather. Just apply a small amount to your child’s lips before bedtime and they’ll wake up to softer, smoother lips.