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Everyday Nail Care

Everyday Nail Care

Simple beauty tips for your nails and hands.

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on our review of hair and makeup and forget about nail care and how important it is. Here are our top nail hints for everyday care and simple beauty tips to get your hands and nails mani-ready.

This Year’s Nail Trends

“Just like hair, we’ll see ombre nails, where all your nails are painted in the same color family with the darkest shade on your thumb and the lightest on your pinkie,” says multimedia beauty, fashion and lifestyle expert Rebekah George.

French manicures are back, but not the classic white-tips version. Expect to see red tips on this year’s twist. Painted designs will also be in full swing — from lace to dots and stripes. Have fun this season, and brighten your look during the long winter months.

For the understated occasion, George recommends nude, skin-toned nail color. “This look is polished and really elongates your hands,” she says.

Nail Care & Hand Hygiene 101

Just like skin, your nails need moisture, particularly in the dry winter months. Don’t forget to rub lotion on your nails when moisturizing your hands. Try Vaseline® Healthy Hand & Nail. It has conditioning moisturizers that are fast-absorbing and non-greasy — leaving hands and nails soft and smooth.

Start a nightly bedtime routine. “I leave hand cream on my nightstand and apply it before bed,” George says. “This helps hands, fingernails, and cuticles look soft and renewed.”

To prevent the growth of bacteria, remember to keep nails dry and clean. Be sure your hands are dry after a shower or bath and don’t forget to clean under your fingernails as well. Rubber gloves are a must when washing dishes with soap or using cleaning products for an extended time.

Never bite your nails and cuticles. Besides looking a bit rough it may cause an infection. Keep nails evenly trimmed. It will help them stay strong and healthy.

Get Mani-Ready

Before heading to the nail salon remove all the old polish. Dip Q-tips® Precision Tips™ into a bottle of nail polish remover to clean the areas around the cuticles. Don’t forget every time you remove polish apply lotion to help lock in moisture.