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OIT winter skin care tips for men article

Winter Skin Care Tips for Men

Does your man’s skin suffer from winter neglect? Maybe his grooming routine needs a winter skin makeover.

As women, we have our share of winter-skin woes, but we sometimes forget that at this time of year, the men in our lives do too. They can suffer from dry, cracked lips; itchy skin; and a raw face after shaving. So we asked the experts for skin-care advice on caring for guys’ winter skin during those cold months.

Lather, rinse, simplify.

Let’s face it — guys don’t always go for bath tools or products or bath tools that look too feminine. “Since some men don’t like the idea of using a loofah in the shower, it’s important to simplify the body-washing process with a product that lathers easily,” says Jeffrey Benabio, M.D., a dermatologist in San Diego. A body wash designed for men, he says, can be just the ticket, because it allows guys to lather up easily with just their hands or a washcloth. Try Axe Body Washes (Link opens in new window.), no cute puffy loofah needed.

Soothe dry, itchy winter skin.

Like women, men need to moisturize their skin more in the winter months when the cold air outside and the dry air inside rob moisture from skin and make it feel itchy and uncomfortable. Vaseline® MEN Fast Absorbing Body & Face Lotion (Link opens in new window.) offers instant relief with its nongreasy formula. If your man has sensitive skin (or his skin is feeling extra-sensitive due to wind exposure or shaving irritation), he’ll want to try Dove Men+Care Sensitive Face Wash.

Shampoo is only for hair.

“Guys too often rely on a generic bar of soap — or worse, shampoo — to wash themselves when these products can be too harsh and strip essential oils from skin, taking a toll on their skin,” Benabio says. Instead, use Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Body Wash (Link opens in new window.) for a comforting and invigorating wash.

Choose your deodorant wisely, especially when winter skin is dry.

“Dove Men+Care research shows that about half of men experience some form of underarm discomfort, which is usually the result of a harsh deodorant,” Benabio explains. “It’s best to switch to a deodorant that is nonirritating and/or hypoallergenic.” Degree® Men Advanced MotionSense® (Link opens in new window.) is a great option; it has microcapsules that burst with underarm friction, releasing fresh fragrance to keep you feeling your best.