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Must Haves for Spring

3 Must-Haves This Spring

A new season is here! Add these three “gotta have ’em” items to your closet without breaking the bank.

By Kathy Sena

For women on a budget (and who isn’t these days?), the arrival of a new fashion season can be frustrating. Who doesn’t want to indulge in all the new looks in the magazines and on the runways? But by focusing on just a few of the hottest spring trends, you can add key pieces to your wardrobe that will freshen up your look — without wilting your bank account.

Metallic-Colored Shoes

“Metallic shoes can work easily from day to dinner date if you go with a simple heel in a muted metallic like platinum,” says professional image consultant Monica Barnett, president of Blueprint for Style. “Gold tends to be too bright.”

Metallic shoes play well with all the vibrant-colored prints of the season, Barnett observes. “A bright color-block outfit with an orange top and royal-blue jeans is finished nicely during the day with a dark blazer and metallic flats, or dressed up in the evening with a shimmer/glitter open cardigan and metallic high heels,” she adds.

Save multiple pieces of metallic (shoes, purse, belt) for evening, “Too much during the day signals nightclub rather than boardroom,” Barnett advises.

Floral Prints and Bright Colors

“The prints and colors for the season are floral, yellow and orange,” Barnett says. “As with most trends, avoid wearing florals from head to toe. Wear them in small doses to avoid looking like you’ve fallen into a garden.”

Florals are a great way to bring colors together. “Depending on the color palette in the floral top or bottom you have, it can bridge the colors you wear,” Barnett says. First choose one or two bright colors for the spring season, and “then find a floral-print shoe that has those colors.”

Barnett notes that she hasn’t seen much in the way of floral purses or belts, “so dip your toe in the trend versus jumping ‘all in,’ ” she suggests. “I’d recommend a floral shoe or floral top with a solid vibrant color on the bottom to offset the print.” Also, make sure the floral is aligned with your body size, Barnett adds. “Opt for a larger print if you’re a larger person.”

Trench Coat

“A trench is classic because it goes from day to evening, week to weekend,” says Barnett. “What brings the trench back this spring is the flip-up collar, detailing, and a fullness in the hemline that creates a fabulous, feminine silhouette.” The ideal length is at or around the knee, she says. This will work well with pants and most traditional skirt lengths. Look for working (not just decorative) buttons and a generous lapel.

The classic trench-coat color is camel, and Barnett recommends sticking with that or a slight variation that goes toward khaki or adds some tweed. “Save the colors for less expensive, fun coats,” she says.

Kathy Sena’s work has appeared in Newsweek, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune and many other publications, including several regional parenting magazines where she covers topics such as parenting, kids’ health, women’s health and family activities.