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OIT stress symptoms busted article

Stress Symptoms: Busted

Fall brings along a busy (and sometimes exhausting) schedule. Try these three Rs for looking refreshed and energetic — even if you’re not.

The relaxed days of summer are over, school events are filling your calendar, and big work and home projects loom. Can anybody say S-T-R-E-S-S? But there’s no need to look stressed and feel exhausted — even if you’re burning the candle at what seems like more than both ends. Check out our “three Rs” for appearing (okay, almost) positively serene this fall.

RELAX your shoulders, jaw — and your mouth.

“When we’re feeling stressed, we are usually frowning, our brain is working hard, and our shoulders and jaw may be tense,” says June Whittle, a personal performance coach and trainer in the United Kingdom. Start to notice these things, and make an effort to change them, she advises. “Relax your shoulders, relax your jaw, and put a smile on your face. Research has shown that this alone may alleviate feelings of anxiety, worry and stress. It will make you look a lot more relaxed as well.

REFRESH your body.

In just 10 minutes — even in the middle of the day — you can give your body and spirits a lift. Take a warm shower or bath with Dove Refreshing Cucumber & Green Tea body wash (Link opens in new window.) to awaken your mind and skin.

Afterward, don’t be in a rush to get on with the day. Cut some lemon slices and enjoy a glass of lemon water, spa-style, while you dry your hair and apply your makeup. When you’re ready to go, apply some Degree For Women® with motionSENSE™ (Link opens in new window.) deodorant, which releases motion-activated bursts of freshness as you move!

REVIVE your fall wardrobe.

“Resist the urge to wear traditional autumn colors,” says stylist and image consultant Sandy Dumont of Norfolk, Va. These include burnt orange, moss green, drab shades of teal, and browns and beiges. Take this test, she suggests:

Put a moss-green fabric next to your face (leave it there, tucked in at the neck) and cover it with a rich racing green.

Raise and lower the racing green a few times, and you’ll see how the brighter shade makes you look more refreshed. Do this test with burnt orange and a deep magenta, or with a dull shade of teal and a bright royal blue.