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Why do we sweat?

Most people are concerned about armpit sweat, but this accounts for only 1% of our body’s perspiration.

Causes of sweating too much:

We sweat from two types of glands:
• Eccrine glands: These appear all over the body and are mainly for cooling. They cause sweat on our face and head, and are responsible for sweaty hands and sweaty feet.
• Apocrine glands: These larger glands appear mainly under the armpits and are mostly active when we’re exercising or experiencing strong emotions like stress.

Women have more eccrine sweat glands than men, but men’s eccrine glands are more active, so men actually sweat more or have more hot flushes overall. Other factors such as eating hot or spicy food, wearing clothes made out of synthetic materials, and carrying excess body weight can cause us to sweat more. In general, our bodies adapt to produce more sweat when we really need it. Some people sweat excessively or experience hot flushes, day and night. But only 1% of people who experience excessive sweating also have a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis. If you’re worried about sweating too much, speak to your doctor or professional medical adviser.

How to stop sweating too much?

If you’re sweating too much and want to know how to stop excessive sweating, see how Degree can help. Degree offers several different types of deodorant & antiperspirant to fit your specific needs. Look for them in your commissary or exchange today!

How to avoid white marks on clothes:

Antiperspirant deodorants can build up over time and leave stains on your clothes. Find out how to remove antiperspirant deodorant stains from shirts and other items of clothing. Antiperspirant deodorant stains and white marks can be almost as annoying as sweat stains. Finding white antiperspirant deodorant marks on your dark clothes can be a real pain and ruin a great outfit. Just as bad as white marks are antiperspirant deodorant stains, which build up on clothes over time. They discolor fabrics, leaving your clothes with hard-to-remove stains. What causes antiperspirant deodorant stains and white marks? White marks or stains on clothes come from the ingredients in the antiperspirant deodorant you use. The aluminum salts used in antiperspirants can leave chalky marks on the skin, which can transfer to clothes and leave white marks.

How do I get rid of antiperspirant deodorant stains and white marks?

Finding white marks and antiperspirant deodorant stains on your clothes can be embarrassing – especially if they don’t wipe off or come out in your usual wash cycle.

Get antiperspirant deodorant stains out of clothes!
1. Scrub the stain on both sides of the fabric with a regular bar of soap and a clean toothbrush.
2. Brush the soap into the fabric vigorously to get to the heart of the stain.
3. Rinse the soap off with water and leave the fabric to air dry.
4. For particularly excessive staining, repeat until the mark is gone.

Alternative methods to try
• Bicarbonate of soda – Mix baking soda with a small amount of water to make a “slurry”. Apply the slurry to the stained garment with a toothbrush and follow the same method as above. Try the mixture on a small area of your garment first to test its color fastness.
• Vinegar-Soak: Soak the stained part of the garment in a container of white vinegar. After an hour, brush with a toothbrush. Again, try on a small patch of fabric first to test for color fastness. After treatment, wash the garment using normal detergent in a washing machine to get rid of the vinegar smell.
Avoiding white marks
• Avoid white marks by giving your antiperspirant deodorant a minute or two to dry before putting a shirt on.
• Take care not to overuse your antiperspirant deodorant. Overdoing it can lead to excess residue getting on your clothes and leaving white marks.

If you’re still having issues with white marks and antiperspirant deodorant stains, try switching to a different antiperspirant deodorant. Other products like Degree’s Black +White range are specially designed to reduce white marks on your clothes, keeping you dry and your clothes looking great.