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Anti-Perspirant VS Deodorant

It’s a simple matter of choosing what works best for you and your lifestyle.

Antiperspirant Helps You Stay Dry

Like the name implies, antiperspirants keep you from sweating. They work by covering your sweat glands, reducing the amount of sweat on skin that generates odor. If you do not want wet patches from sweat on your clothes, this is the thing for you.

Daily Fragrance Makes You Smell Fly

Daily fragrance is applied to the chest and adds that extra bit of fragrance to make an impression.

Now you’ve got the facts. Wear an antiperspirant together with a complementary daily fragrance every day to help you keep dry and smell great.

Use a daily fragrance like Axe Black Daily Fragrance along with Axe Night Antiperspirant Stick to smell good and stay protected from sweat. Or choose a dry spray antiperspirant like Axe Charge Up Protection Dry Spray for a clean, fresh feeling.