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Maille charred chicken -thighs with whole grain mustard marinade article

Charred Chicken thighs with Whole Grain Mustard Marinade


  • 8 Skin on Chicken thighs



  1. Prepare the chicken marinade by whisking all of the ingredients together in a large bowl.
  2. Place the chicken into the marinade, cover and leave overnight to soak up all the flavor.
  3. Light the bbq using lumpwood charcoal and allow to cool to a medium heat.
  4. Put the chicken on to the grill skin side down. Turn every few ninutes so the chicken cooks evenly. Brush on the remaining marinade during cooking using a small bunch of rosemary.

Feel free to broil, bake, or pan-fry the chicken if you prefer those cooking methods instead!

Maille Tip

  • Ideally marinade the chicken 1 day before serving.
  • Using oil in the marinade will help the mustard from burning on the grill.


Find the original recipe by clicking here. (Link opens in new window.)