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LIV diy small steps to change the planet article

Do It Yourself: Small Steps to Change the Planet

Utilizing a circular economy system and prioritizing more sustainable packaging materials have been major steps in Liquid I.V.’s ongoing pursuit of total sustainability. Yes, big steps and large-scale initiatives are meaningful, but don’t let them intimidate you into thinking your actions can’t have an impact as well.

Making a few small tweaks to your daily routine can, over time, go a long way toward building a more sustainable future. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but don’t let that discourage you. The key is to create new habits and adjust existing ones. Think of your sustainability journey as a marathon, not a sprint. The good news? There’s no running involved, and these tweaks are so simple that you’ll soon forget you’re racing at all. Keep reading for tips to help you make an impact on the planet (without getting overwhelmed)!

Switch to Paperless Billing

When was the last time you paid your WiFi bill by mail? Probably never. Let’s face it, the very concept is an oxymoron. How about your other utility bills or credit card statements? What’s that I hear, a resounding silence? Exactly. It’s the 21st century, and as lovely as that rare handwritten letter may be, it’s time to let go of snail mail (at least the kind that comes from the Department of Water and Power). While you’re at it, consider doing away with junk mail entirely! Cut down on paper waste by opting to have your bills emailed instead. If your mailbox is overflowing with paper mailers, consider registering with a service that blocks unsolicited mail. 

Do More Laundry, Less Often

Remember when you’d wait a minimum of three weeks before lugging a 30-pound bag to your parents’ house or the laundromat? Turns out, you may have been onto something. Running several small loads of laundry uses significantly more water and power than running a single full load. Get the most bang for your resources by waiting until you have enough laundry for a full cycle. Be sure to keep the water cool! While you’re at it, try skipping the dryer and hang-drying your clothes instead. Be sure to use Seventh Generation’s (Link opens in new window.) sustainably sourced laundry detergent! It’s perfect for cold water washes! (Link opens in new window)

BYO (Reusable) Cups, Straws, Bags, etc.

Headed to the grocery store? Stopping by the coffee shop? Ordering takeout? Plan ahead! Get in the habit of leaving a few reusable shopping bags in the trunk of your car, and remember to replace them after unpacking your groceries. Bring a Thermos next time you ask the barista for that oat milk latte—or is it a cold brew you’re after? Keep in mind that single-use plastic straws are not only wasteful, they also have the potential to harm wildlife. Go strawless or stock up on reusable options. And next time you’re ordering delivery, leave a note saying that you’d like to pass on plastic utensils. Be sure to fill up those reusable water bottles with Liquid I.V.! (Link opens in new window.)

Upgrade Your Bulbs

Old school incandescent light bulbs have remained unchanged for the better part of a century. From an environmental standpoint, they’re notorious for being inefficient, because they generate far more heat than actual light. If you’re still illuminating your home with outdated and inefficient bulbs, it’s time for an upgrade. Swap traditional bulbs for LEDs, which work more efficiently (they don’t generate their energy through heat) and can last up to 35 times longer.

By incorporating even just one of these tips into our daily routines, together, we can Change The World!


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