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dsc grooming tips

Shaving, Grooming & More!

Shaving & grooming tips!

Are you shaving correctly? The experts at Dollar Shave Club weigh in!

Razor burn & bumps? Check this article out about how maybe shaving at the same time each day can make a difference!

Will Shaving at the Same Time Every Day Help Prevent Razor Bumps?

Should you rinse your blade after every pass? We’ve all been there before, rushing to shave. Take your time. Your skin is important. I mean, it is the largest organ for a reason. Read more here:

Should You Rinse the Razor After Every Stroke?

For literally ANYTHING you can think of otherwise about shaving, you should check out this article. The lovely folks over at DSC are constantly being bombarded with questions about shaving and grooming. They put all the important info all in one place here!

We Got You: The DSC FAQ

Shave with or against the grain? This age old piece of advice is one of the first things you learn about shaving, before you even pick up the razor. Read this awesome article that goes into way more detail than your father or mother did before they handed you one of the most important tools of your adult life.

Shave With the Grain, and 14 Other Tips for the Perfect Shave