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Dove everyday dry skin solutions article

Everyday Dry Skin Solutions

We’re all likely to experience dry skin at some point in our lives. The good news? It’s easy (and enjoyable) to prevent and simple to care for. It’s time to find out how to fix dry skin.

What causes dry, sensitive skin?   

Extreme temperatures, chores, stress, your skin type and aging are all factors that can cause dry skin. Hot water is a common culprit, as it can strip away the natural oils your skin needs to stay hydrated and healthy, causing dry, sensitive skin. The good news? When we understand what’s triggering dry skin, it’s usually simple to fix.  

How to get rid of dry skin

Everyone loves a warm shower, but your skin doesn’t love extreme temperatures. If you’ve got dry skin, try turning the temperature down a notch, limit your bath or shower time and switch off the central heating or air-conditioning when you can. Avoiding harsh products and switching to mild, pH-balanced products will also help to fix dry skin. Locking in moisture is also key – our Deep Moisture Body Wash (Link opens in new window.) nourishes your skin with a creamy formula so you can start moisturizing in the shower. Follow up with a rich, nourishing body cream to really get your skin glowing. 

How to help dry hands  

If you’re thinking, “why are my hands so dry?” remember to protect them with gloves and treat them to some moisturizing hand cream throughout the day and before you go to bed (this one is seriously nourishing). 

Should you use bar soap for dry skin? 

A beauty bar is a better option for dry skin – you can use it on your face, hands and body. Our world-famous beauty bar looks like a soap but nourishes like a lotion. Its ¼ moisturizing cream replaces moisture lost through washing, leaving your skin soft and smooth. For extra hydration, you can always follow up with a nourishing body cream. Unless you want your dry skin to get drier (unlikely) it’s better to avoid using ordinary bar soaps; they can leave your skin feeling uncomfortable. 

Should you exfoliate dry skin? 

Regular exfoliation is great for washing away dead skin cells and improving the texture and appearance of dry skin. There is one watch-out: it’s easy to over-scrub, so start by using an exfoliating body polish once or twice a week and see how your skin responds before upping how often you exfoliate. One exception? Our Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar (Link opens in new window.) is mild enough to use every day. 

What’s the best dry skin care routine? 

The ultimate dry skin plan is one that fits in seamlessly with the rest of your daily routine. When you’re taking your morning shower, opt for a body wash for dry skin. Now, what to put on dry skin? First, pat (never rub) skin dry and apply a rich body lotion – let it sink in and work its magic while you brush your teeth. Keep a hand cream in your bag for top-ups. Moisturize again before you go to bed. Repeat.

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