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OIT falling for fall hair article

Falling For Fall Hair

We all know what the colder, drier temps does to our hair! Many of us will be faced with the tempting notion of paying a bill or spending an arm & a leg on hair products. Good thing you have us and amazing deals on all of these awesome products that can help tame those autumnal tresses! TRESemmé, Shea Moisture & Dove Shampoos & Conditioners have you covered.

Hairdresser Elizabeth Rose explains more about why these products are essential for the colder months!

“During the summer months your hair takes a beating from the sun, the beach, chlorine – you get the picture! As the weather cools down it may start to dry out a little due to the humidity in the air decreasing. All of this causes major havoc. Your once normal hair might turn oily! Why? Because it all starts with your scalp. Sure everyone thinks ‘don’t wash a lot’ or ‘use a great conditioner!’, but truth be told, if you don’t have the proper foundation, it’s not going to matter. It’s kind of like growing plants in subpar soil. Sure you might get a seedling, but will it thrive? Definitely not.”

“The reason why your hair may become more oily in the drier months is because your glands in your scalp may secrete more oil to try and combat what’s happening! In turn, you may shampoo more frequently, causing it to dry out MORE, and produce MORE oil, which will only dig you a deeper hole. Just take care of your scalp, use a good clarifying shampoo & try to use a product with collagen in it to help strengthen the follicle. If you have color treated hair or lighten it, a good sulfate free product is something to look into as well!”

Unilever has got you covered on all fronts here, check out the products we listed above at your local commissary (Link opens in new window.) or exchange today! And don’t miss out on the HUGE deals coming on them as well!