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Degree find a new activity this weekend article

Find a New Activity This Weekend!

It’s great to stick to good habits. But monotony can put your movement goals on hold. Switch it up and make a move towards something different, instead. Something you might not have tried before. Or even heard of.

Hop off the treadmill and keep the exercise spark alive by trying some of these lesser-known (some-would-say-weird) sports. Unusual maybe, but one of these activities, which may seem niche now, could soon be your new normal.


Like basketball, but not quite. In Korfball you can’t dribble, tackle or move with the ball. You win with teamwork. Each team – four men, four women – aims to sink the ball through a high basket. It’s fast, it’s competitive, it’s fun. And it’s social: find a local team online!


Animal flow is a fun but challenging ground-based weight training that uses animalistic movements to improve stability, flexibility and endurance. Don’t let sweat get in your way of your moves: spray Degree Women MotionSense Antiperspirant Deodorant (Link opens in new window.) before your workout. You move. It protects. For up to 48 hours.


Straight from the pages of a fantasy novel, Quidditch is now a serious sport in the UK and US. There’s even a World Cup. There’s no flying, but there are broomsticks. Self-confessed Harry Potter fan? Get online to see if there’s a team playing near you.


Of all the odd sports, this one may seem the oddest. Rounds of chess alternate with rounds of boxing. Played in Europe, it’s a battle where brain meets brawn. And it needs an antiperspirant deodorant to match the pace. Degree Men Advanced Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant helps protect your every move.


Probably the most physically demanding sport on this list. It mixes off-road biking with running through muddy terrain. The catch? You have to carry the bike with you when you’re running. It’s about pushing yourself to the limit.


Strange sports often have links to more customary ones. In Octopush, participants use small sticks to push a heavy puck on the pool floor into the opposing team’s goal. Essentially, it’s an underwater game of hockey. Fast-paced and strenuous, it uses every one of your core muscles.


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