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Degree healthy morning routine article

Healthy Morning Routine: 6 Ways to Move More Each Morning

Starting the day with some movement to wake up your body is like revving a car in the morning – it takes some time, but it’ll get things running more smoothly.

There are so many ways to put movement into your healthy morning routine. So adopt a new morning habit and start the day with a bang – you won’t want to stop.

1 Start Right & Stay Fresh

Revolt against the snooze button. Awakening your senses with the bright scents of Degree Women MotionSense Antiperspirant Deodorant or Degree Men Advanced Protection Cool Rush Antiperspirant Deodorant is the perfect start. Then put their sweat-fighting power to the test with a morning run or some brisk walking.

2 Exercise the Smart Way

Working out shouldn’t eat into your morning. Brief interval training – concentrated exercise with minimal rest – is just as effective as long sessions. Ten minutes can beat two hours: the key is intensity. Run hard. Rest for 10 seconds after every burst. Sprint home for a well-deserved breakfast!

3 Jump in the Deep End

Make a splash to start on a high. Just five lengths in the pool will help jump-start your nervous system. Ten lengths is the equivalent to a full body workout. Make it 20 and your fitness will be far better – and you might start looking forward to that energizing blast of cold water on your face.

4 Go on a Coffee Run

Late night? You need a caffeine hit. Add some miles to your morning macchiato by searching for the best cafes near your home and trying a different one each day. Some could be close. Others much farther. Run. Walk. It’s up to you. Make it a double-shot espresso and you’ll be home doubly fast!

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