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Vaseline help heal dry lips article

Help Heal Dry Lips

Four tips on how to treat and prevent dry lips.

Soft, supple lips feel great and look beautiful. Sometimes, though, dry lips are unavoidable. They can be sore and painful, and even speaking can hurt. Eating can also be a nightmare, especially if you’re craving acidic or spicy foods that can sting the dry skin.

You might be wondering what causes dry lips, and the truth is that it could be practically anything. From harsh weather conditions to licking your lips, anything that strips the skin of moisture can be a risk factor. The good news is that an effective dry lips treatment isn’t hard to find. Here are four secrets to dealing with very dry lips that will give you a reason to smile.

Four Ways to Treat Dry Lips Fast

Choose the Right Lip Balm
If you’ve ever shopped for lip balm, you’ll know there are lots of different options out there. Before buying a lip care product, take a moment to think about your main concerns. If you’re always out in the sun, choose a lip balm with SPF for extra protection; if you feel your dry lips are looking dull and tired, choose a lip balm that’s designed to spark a healthy glow; if you’re suffering with chronic dry lips, find a lip balm with added nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter to relieve dryness and restore comfort. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the lip balm.

Keep the Causes of Dry Lips Away
Lip balms are one of the most beneficial remedies for dry lips. What many lip balms do is moisturize the outer skin, tackling the flakiness and helping to smooth the lips, but what they don’t always do is lock moisture in and tackle the causes of dry lips. Occlusives, like petroleum jelly, work wonders here – Vaseline® Jelly seals in moisture, working to soften, soothe, and rehydrate the lips. Vaseline® Lip Therapy® (Link opens in new window.) products are all made with pure petroleum jelly making them ideal for dealing with any flakes on the outer layer of the skin, as well as for moisturizing the lips deep down.

Stay Hydrated
Keeping the lips hydrated is actually really easy, but some of us are taking the wrong approach. Licking your lips may seem like a good idea but this moisture will just evaporate, and you’ll still have dry, uncomfortable lips. Instead, think about working from the inside out. Dehydration can cause your lips to dry out – so make sure you drink enough water throughout the day to keep hydrated and keep the skin’s moisture levels up.

Protect Your Lips
It’s important to try to take measures to evade common dry lips causes. In the winter and summer, make sure you seal in moisture with a layer of petroleum jelly on your lips. Both central heating and air conditioners, as well as the weather conditions of each season, can dry out the skin. Also, wear a scarf over your mouth in very cold weather.

It’s really important to stay one step ahead when it comes to lip care. Sometimes, if we don’t treat our sore lips, or if we treat them in ways that are too harsh, we could suffer from painful infections. By moisturizing regularly, staying hydrated, and stopping moisture from escaping, we can all be on our way to soft, smooth lips.

Expert Advice
The advice in this article does not constitute medical advice, it is solely available for information purposes.


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