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LIV how better hydration can boost your mood article

How Better Hydration Can Boost Your Mood

Do you need to improve your hydration routine? While we don’t discount the desire to hibernate on short, colder days or the effects of reduced sunlight on our spirits, it’s worth exploring the relationship between mood and hydration levels. Here, we’re looking at the mental and emotional effects of even mild dehydration in the winter months. Here’s what you need to know.

Yes, Dehydration Happens in Winter

While hot summer days have you reaching for your favorite hydration, the cold of winter may make us forget to drink as often, leading to a lack of proper hydration. So even if it doesn’t feel as obvious when the temperatures drop, staying aware of your hydration matters 365 days.

Understanding Dehydration & Your Mind

According to a recent review, lack of proper hydration can lead to everything from changes in your mood to muddled thinking. In those foggy moments, you may not realize that your body needs water. And signs of body stress  like dry mouth and headaches can be markers that you need to drink more. Hydrating won’t just improve your cognitive function, but could also benefit your general mood; science continues to explore the associations between mental health and hydration levels.

In addition, dehydration may also be associated with quality of sleep, which can have reverberating effects via anxiety, tension, and fatigue throughout your day.

How To Help Your Hydration

There are a few simple ways to help ensure you’re getting adequate water to keep your mind and body running efficiently. Here are a few.

Hydrate ‘Round the Clock:

When was the last time you took an earnest look at your ounces? Studies suggest that a minimum of 95 ounces is the starting point for adults. Your morning coffee counts as water intake, then hydrate with a daily Hydration Multiplier (Link opens in new window.), thanks to rapid absorption of water via CTT® Technology. Our tip: Keep your tastebuds entertained by mixing up any of our ten refreshing flavors.

Consider Your Menu:

About 20% of our daily intake of water comes from the foods we eat, so make sure that you’re choosing wisely this winter. Try adding fresh fruits and vegetables like pomegranates, leafy greens, pears, and winter citrus—all of which naturally hold H20—but you can boost your intake by opting for comfort foods like brothy soups and hot teas, too.

Less Happy Hour, More Happy:

Gathering with friends can improve your mental health, but even a few cocktails can increase your rate of dehydration. Instead of heading to the bar, consider connecting over herbal tea or on a walk. If you do head to your favorite local hangout, make sure to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume (or opt for a mocktail).

There’s an App for That:

Let your tech take care of you. Download a water-reminder app, like Water Tracker, Waterful, or Hydro Coach (which will even let you compete with friends for ounces).

Be Mindful of Your Vitals:

How often you urinate can indicate whether you need to drink more. Another test: Your urine should be a pale yellow color. If it’s darker or has a strong odor, that’s a sure sign that you need more water.


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