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Degree adapt your workout routine over time article

How to Adapt Your Workout Routine Over Time

As you go from teens to twenties and beyond, how you move changes. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay as active as ever. Push yourself – but in the right way. Age is just a number, after all.

1 Keep moving

Planks, air squats and dynamic stretches. Start your workouts with mobility drills like these to make sure exercise is always a breeze. Don’t get in a sweat, though: push past that final set with Degree Women MotionSense Active Shield Antiperspirant Deodorant. (Link opens in new window.) It’ll help keep you dry through your workout.

2 Grab a mat

What do professional soccer players and gymnasts have in common? Pilates. It works on strengthening your core and lower back, so that you can stay injury-free. No matter how hard you go!

3 Invest your time

Don’t measure fitness levels by age. It’s about how fit you feel. Amp up your workouts with one-on-one personal trainer sessions – they’ll help streamline and shake up your workout routine, so you know you’re reaching your potential.

4 Find a balance

Work, kids – life can get between you and your workouts. Try sneaking movement into your day – get off the bus a stop early or include a 15-minute blast in your lunch. Prepare for anything with Degree Men Advanced Protection Active Shield Antiperspirant Deodorant. Whatever you decide to do, it’ll help keep you dry.

When you’ve got responsibilities, free time is precious. Make sure your gym bag is in good condition, so you’re ready whenever you find an opportunity.

5 Grab a partner

How do you keep commitment strong as life gets busy? Be spurred on by some healthy – and friendly – competition. Plan exercise sessions with a friend to keep your workouts social. You’re less likely to miss a session, too – well, you won’t want to leave your friend hanging!

6 Hit the road

If cycling’s your thing, invest in a bike that will last. Join other cyclists putting in the miles and enjoy leisurely rides through your local routes.


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