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Nexxus how to care for wavy hair article

How to Care for Wavy Hair

Beachy waves aren’t just for summer – they’re the chic hair trend that looks good all year round but knowing how to care for wavy hair can be tricky. Those naturally blessed in the wave department will know that they require a certain amount of TLC, plus dedicated wavy-hair products. Not enough hydration and hair will look parched and unhealthy. Too much product and a relaxed wave pattern will look weighed down, lifeless and a little bit meh. So what’s the right answer when it comes to looking after and styling wavy hair?

It’s first worth understanding that each hair strand has a protective layer made up of cuticles – overlapping cells that look a bit like fish scales under magnification – which are responsible for allowing moisture in and out of the hair shaft. While the cuticles in straight hair sit flatter – minimizing moisture loss and protecting from inner damage – the cuticles in curly and wavy hair tend to be more raised, making this hair type more prone to moisture loss and breakage. This is where good wavy-hair products come in; think moisture-locking and repairing, teamed with intelligent styling that works with your waves, not against them.

Step 1: Amp up hydration for strong waves

Fact: Dehydration makes hair behave differently, unable to hold a style as well, including so-called ‘effortless’ beach waves. So it’s only logical that re-balancing your hair’s moisture levels should take priority. This first step is even more necessary if you color or heat style your wavy hair – rituals that can lift the cuticles further, causing hair to become even more dry, brittle and flyaway over time. Reach for a shampoo and conditioner combo that locks in moisture, because even the healthiest hair dehydrates naturally throughout the day. Nexxus Therappe Rebalancing Shampoo and Humectress Restoring Conditioner are a go-to daily duo for all hair types in need of a moisture boost. This is down to a super hydrating formula packed with vitamins, fiber and protein that helps replenish, repair and reawaken hair, including the unique PROTEINFUSION blend, which features elastin protein and green caviar. The latter may sound like an appetizer in a fancy restaurant, but it’s actually a hero hydrator.

Step 2: Prioritize protein to protect waves

Our hair is made up of 90% protein, which is why replenishing it with protein-powered hair care is key. The PROTEINFUSION blends are different in every Nexxus range – developed by scientists who study proteins (it’s called the science of proteomics) and identify exactly which proteins and nutrients our hair loses based on the different types of damage. For example, if you color your wavy hair, the Nexxus Color Assure range is designed to target the main proteins lost in the chemical process. Try working the Color Assure Masque into your routine – a once-a-week, five-minute conditioner replacement for a hit of hydration housed in an addictive, buttery formula.

Step 3: Light styling (key for wavy hair)

Protein care doesn’t end in the shower, which is why it’s time to take a long, hard look at the styling products you use to bring your waves to life and make them stay all day. Products should focus on protecting the hair’s proteins, while delivering long-lasting hold, without leaving hair crunchy or weighed down. The Nexxus Weightless Style range uses a PROTEINLOCK system to form an invisible layer around the hair strands, locking in their essential proteins and encouraging the hair to style well, naturally. Start with the Prep and Protect Spray post-shower to lock in proteins and to help protect hair from daily styling aggressors. It works to weightlessly moisturize, detangle, and protect from heat damage while boosting shine, and adding softness. It’s like a delicious buffet for wavy hair.

The Shape & Define Multi-Styler is another option that’s great for in-between waves due to its flexible polymers, which work to control flyaways, create separation and add hold while keeping waves soft and natural. It boasts five benefits in one use, and all you need is a dime-sized amount on damp or dry hair. For extra hold and texture on relaxed waves, try adding a light layer of the Ultra Fine Hair Spray – more like a finishing spray than a traditional hair spray, it adds texture and movement with a gentle hold. It’s the perfect formula for waves so they have natural movement without getting out of control.


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