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clear skin

How to Keep Your Skin Clear in 2020

While wearing a mask is recommended and required in some states, the most dreaded side effect are those lovely little pimples or massive breakouts you get from wearing them!

Here’s some tips on how to prevent these flare-ups.

-Use a gentle cleanser at least twice daily to remove impurities, pollutants, oil, & bacteria on your face and neck like St. Ives® Chamomile Facial Cleanser or Simple® Moisturizing Face Wash.

-If you have oily or combination skin, try finding a mask with a silk lining. Science supports that not only are they gentle on skin, but they also have anti-microbial properties.

-Do not overdo it with astringent wipes or use too many at home beauty masks. You do not want to break down the protective barrier your skin naturally forms to protect it.

-Ditch heavy makeup. Use a lightweight foundation mixed with a moisturizing cream like Simple® Replenishing Moisturizer and set with a light powder. Avoid applying it to heavily around your mouth and nose, especially if you have to wear your mask for long periods of time.

-As if we have to say this: WASH YOUR HANDS! Avoid touching your face. With clean hands though, you will have a better defense against nasty bacteria that causes those pesky whiteheads.

So, you got some pimples and you want to take care of them? Try this!

-Use an exfoliating cleanser like St. Ives® Avocado & Honey Scrub. Carry some Simple® Exfoliating Face Wipes with you for on the go cleansing. The exfoliant will help clear away any particles trying to seep into the pores around the pimples, thus creating more spots.

-Carry a good acne spot treatment containing salicylic acid, but don’t overdo it! Other ingredients to look for are zinc, sulfur or benzoyl peroxide.

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