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TRESemme make your hair soft and smooth article

How to Make Your Hair Soft & Smooth

Frizzy hair is something that many of us have to deal with on a regular basis. Whether it’s experiencing that halo of fuzz on a rainy day; noticing stray flyaways when we’ve just stepped out of the shower; or a consequence of having curly hair – frizz can sometimes be an issue if we want a more defined texture. So, if you’re looking for advice on how to make hair shiny and frizz-free, look no further – read our recommendations below.

Scroll down to discover the best anti frizz serum and anti-frizz cream with tips you can easily add to your routine.

How To Fix Frizzy Hair With The Right Regimen

As you might have guessed, frizzy hair tends to be lacking in hydration, so tackling this is a good starting point. Try using a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner (Link opens in new window.) as a first step in your routine.

While your wash and care steps are an important measure to minimize frizz, there are plenty more things you can do – and they all take place while styling.

Anti Frizz Cream

Once you’ve washed and dried your hair, it’s time to prep your hair for the day. Do this by applying a couple of drops of a smoothing cream or serum every morning.

And when it comes to the best anti-frizz cream for managing this issue, the TRESemmé Air Dry Cream is your product. This lightweight cream will help control frizz and flyaways, leaving your hair smooth for that effortless defined end look style.

Hair Serum For Frizzy Hair

If you’re regularly encountering frizz you’ve probably looked up ‘how to make your hair smooth?’ more than once. The answer? An anti-frizz serum.

But if that has left you wondering ‘what is hair serum?’ then take note, as it’s about to become a key component of your routine. A hair serum is an incredibly rich leave-in treatment that works to replenish hair with moisture and protect it from environmental aggressors.

Try the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Shine Anti-Frizz Serum, which is ideal for taming frizz and flyaways. Enriched with keratin proteins and marula oil, it deeply nourishes hair, giving up to 72 hours of frizz control. You can apply a few drops into wet hair, so it can dry naturally without frizzing up.

And there you have it, all the tips you need to know on how to treat frizzy hair and achieve a more defined texture, so you can style your hair with confidence.


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