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OIT how to manage winter hair article

How To Manage Winter Hair

We all dread the summer hair problems we run into. Fall arrives, great hair days happen, we forget. Until winter comes and our short-lived bliss is ripped from our hands! Here are some ways to help beat winter hair woes.

Don’t over-wash!

Experts recommend washing your hair every 3 days or so to help lock in the nourishing oils your scalp creates to protect your hair follicles. Washing too much just strips your hair of those precious oils! Try using a gentle sulfate-free formula like Love Beauty and Planet® Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Shampoo & Conditioner! (Link opens in new window.) For color treated hair, Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo & Conditioners (Link opens in new window.) are a great choice!
If you have limp hair, try some mousse like TRESemme® Flawless Curls Mousse (Link opens in new window.) or make headbands or clips your new best friend!

Dry Your Hair With a T-Shirt

More than likely, your towel is not doing your hair any favors. And especially in the winter, when your hair is already deprived of moisture, it can be a total nightmare to rub your hair down with a ratty towel.
Don’t make your winter hair breakage worse by ripping or breaking your hair with harsh towel rubbing. Instead, try drying your hair with a soft, old T-shirt. The cotton fibers are a smaller knit and way less likely to tear at your tresses.

Avoid Leaving the House with Wet Hair

Hair shafts are 25% water and cold air expands the hair shaft. This leaves it prone to breakage and fading of color. Try to dry it completely (hey, you could even use those little attachments that come with your dryer- if you haven’t thrown them out!) or switch to a nightly routine so you aren’t rushing in the morning. Using a protectant when drying like Nexxus® Humectress Shampoo & Conditioner (Link opens in new window.) really helps nourish your tresses!

winter hair

Invest in Silk for Silky hair!

Silk is the most forgiving on hair, so while you are tossing and turning at night, it won’t be prone to breakage! It also helps reduce frizz and static.

Rub a Dryer Sheet on Your Hair

If you’re already out and about and your hair starts to frizz and fluff, you can always rely on this standby flyaway taming trick.
Hair stylists & frugal mama’s have been pulling this one off for ages. All it really takes is a single dryer sheet!


Hair Masks!

Using a moisturizing hair mask can breathe life back into those tresses and undo some of the damage it may have suffered. Nexxus®, Shea Moisture® (Link opens in new window.) & Love Beauty and Planet® make so many nourishing hair products, check them out next time you are at the commissary or exchange.

Winter is a dry and unforgiving time for your hair. Locking in that essential moisture is what will keep your winter hair from frizzing up and flying away.

Take the time this winter to take care of your gorgeous hair!