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LIV hydrate like a quarterback article

Hydrate Like a Quarterback: Your Big Game Game-Plan

While some pro athletes choose to guzzle down “secret stuff” for their moments of peak performance, the hydrating effects of CTT® are straightforward and ultimately crafted for the everyday. CTT® uses a precise ratio of sodium, glucose and potassium, designed to enhance rapid absorption of water and other key ingredients into the bloodstream.

And high-octane hydration isn’t just necessary for athletes vying for championship rings—it’s also a game-changer for superfans. Whether you’re traveling to the game, cheering on your team, or bouncing back from a less-than-ideal night of sleep, hydration and recovery go hand in hand. Below, find a guide with key recovery tips utilizing CTT® the way your favorite athletes would.


Hydrate smarter: The pros are required to touchdown in an unfamiliar city and be ready to unleash their skills within hours. Changing time zones, climates, and at-home routines are already three strikes against hydration when it comes to flying—the plane ride itself can be another downfall if you’re not prepped. Airplanes have very low humidity levels. Then, mix in the high altitudes, and you are left with an environment nearly devoid of all moisture. Your skin might be the first telltale sign once you land, but keep your body hydrated by carrying a stick or two of Hydration Multiplier as you fly. Grab an aisle seat if you can to stretch legs and enjoy easy access to the restroom.


Hydrate smarter: Game day requires warm muscles and limber, quick-twitch reflexes. Before you begin to move your body—even just for vigorous cheering—think about hydration as a step like stretching or warming up. This will circulate your fluids, blood, and lymph so that your body can move with ease.


Hydrate smarter: After the exhaustion of a high-stakes athletic endeavor, there are necessary steps to replenishing. Whether you’re back in the four walls of a gym, logging miles on pavement, or completing a flow on the mat in your living room—moving your body builds heat and sweat, which contributes to fluid and electrolyte loss. And water alone won’t do the trick. Electrolytes are important for your muscles, which need proper glycogen and sugar stores to help recover, plus these minerals help to lubricate joints and combat post-workout fatigue.


Hydrate smarter: When you’re on the field, you’re emotionally invested in the outcome of the game—but even if you find yourself in a bar or in front of the home screen, it can feel personal. On top of all the adrenaline, the mix of salty snacks and alcohol can be taxing to the body, and have you in need of a hydration game plan. A quick way to combat? Aim to drink one to two glasses per quarter for proper recovery.


Hydrate smarter: It’s been a rush, and hopefully you’re psyched about the final score. Either way, the shut eye that follows is critical to the recovery process and elite athletes take sleep very seriously. It also happens to play a role in recovery and hydration. According to The Sleep Foundation, one study of nearly 20,000 adults across the United States and China found that people who slept for six hours were significantly more dehydrated than those who slept eight. The study hypothesized that the hormone vasopressin, which is related to water retention, can become imbalanced when our internal body clock is off. Translation? Lack of sleep dries us out. To solve this issue (among many others) prioritize those eight hours. Bonus quick tip: if you find yourself having to sacrifice sleep for work, kids, obligations, and the like—rehydrate rather than reaching for coffee first thing.

Cheers to a hydrated game day and may the best team win.


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