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Degree benefits of sweat article

Is Sweating a Good Thing?

Sweating often gets bad rap. And much of it is well deserved. Yes, it can cause embarrassing body odor and leave annoying stains on your favorite clothes. It’s not all bad, though. Which is great news, given that the average person produces about a quart of sweat a day without even trying. Add in a few workouts and that figure can creep up to 10 quarts of sweat a day. From just one person. Sounds a lot, doesn’t it? But we’re here to say, it’s no bad thing – so don’t sweat it.


Sweat is your body’s built-in air conditioning system. Made up of mainly fluid and salt, sweat is released by your body, primarily to cool it, after physical activity.

You can sweat your way to a healthier you.  Keeping active boosts your body’s production of good cholesterol and improves blood flow. This, in turn, can help reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and other health problems[2].

Get positively good vibes from working up a sweat. While you’re working out, your body releases chemicals called endorphins[3]. They trigger positive feelings in the body, making you feel happier and more energized. They’ve also been known to help with stress and anxiety.

Sweating gives your skin glowing results.  Being active can be great for your skin, too. It boosts your circulation and delivers more nutrients to your skin via increased blood flow[4]. It can also stimulate the body’s production of collagen over time, helping your skin to appear plumper and healthier[5].

Raise your metabolism while you relax in the sauna. Yes, ‘sweat baths’ like saunas and steam rooms are believed to have benefits, too. They can increase your pulse and metabolism, improve circulation and make your blood vessels more flexible[6]. That’s on top of relieving sore, post-workout muscles[7]. So, grab that towel and get your sweat on.

Keeping active boosts your body’s production of good cholesterol and improves blood flow.


Working up a sweat can be good. But if you feel you’re sweating too much during or after exercise, you may want to try an antiperspirant from the Degree® range with Motionsense™. (Link opens in new window.) It’s made with our patented encapsulated fragrance technology and activated by movement, keeping you dry with bursts of freshness as you move.

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