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safe halloween

Keep your Family Safe this Halloween!


Halloween is quickly approaching & we understand many families are struggling with the decision of whether or not to take their children trick or treating. If we practice safe distancing and proper disinfection protocols, we can pull this off! But harsh chemicals near your child’s candy? On your children? Around your pets?!


No, absolutely not! And we agree!


Luckily there are several options for safe and non-toxic home cleaners. Seventh Generation Cleaning Products is one of them and there are so many to choose from that are safe & non-toxic. They are the perfect choice for wiping down any wrapped candies or goodies your children should receive, and they are good to carry on you to use in a pinch as well.
Read more here to see which products available from Seventh Generation can keep your house safe, clean, disinfected & free of harsh chemicals.

Dove® & Suave® are proud to announce that they are now carrying their own brands of hand sanitizer! Now available at your commissary or exchange, grab a few to take along with you wherever you go!


safe halloween


Moisturizing hand sanitizer?! Our prayers have been answered!


Have a safe and happy Halloween!